How to Land Your Dream Rental Property

 Be prepared. Make sure that you all your documentation are ready. For documentation, we require payslips, ID and a savings account statement. Book an inspection. Property managers won't accept an application unless you have viewed the property. Make a good impression. The more comfortable the property manager feels with you at an open for inspection, the higher chance of being looked at as a favorable tenant. Get a good rental reference. If you are a seasoned renter, a good rental reference can make all the difference between your application being accepted for a property and your application being declined. On the other hand, if it's your first time... View article »
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What are The Pros and Cons of Building your own Home

 Pros Control and customisation If you want pink walls, you got it. If you want marble benchtops, you got it. You have the ability to sit down with your architect and develop a design brief to exactly how you want it. Building your home is a complete customisation control. It's brand new Moving into a home where you know no one has ever lived in gives you the reassurance that you're the first to use every appliance, the first to have a shower, the first to even go to the toilet. If you decide to sell your property in five years time, your property... View article »
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What to Avoid When Selling Your Home

 As soon as you decided that you will sell your property, appoint an agent sooner rather than later. You're gonna find that the agent is gonna work on the property prior to launching to the market and therefore could achieve an off-market sale which means less cost, less time, more money in your pocket. Set realistic expectations to what your property is worth. Everyone loves their property. Everyone has an emotional connection to their property. But when you launch your property to the market, it's crucial that you don't set the price too high. Setting a price too high will not get you... View article »
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Location, Location, Location – Why it Matters

  [caption id="attachment_8702" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Why is location an important consideration in real estate? There are many reasons, actually. Read the blog to know more.[/caption] In buying a property, location is the first and foremost consideration. But no matter how many times it’s mentioned, it’s still a bit confusing as to why it is a major part of consideration. However, describing a good location could bring up different meanings to different people. In this blog, we will highlight why location matters especially if you are considering your property’s surrounding suburbs.   Related: As a first-time owner, should I buy now or wait?   Development Potential It’s important... View article »
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How to Buy a Home Through Private Sale

 Shop around Do as many inspections for as many different properties as you can. Doing this will give you a rough estimate and a guide to what a property's probably worth. Arrange an inspection with the agent Once you get to the property, pay attention to the things such as: the home orientation carports positioning position on the block These would impact its position in the marketplace. Ask the agent some questions Some of the questions you could ask are: How soon does the vendor want to sell Why are they selling the property What is going to take to buy this property today Put a value... View article »
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What are The Do’s and Don’ts of Attending an Open for Inspection

 Do’s  Ask questions Agents are there to sell the property and are probably the most knowledgeable people about the property there on the day. Ask questions such as: Has the property been renovated Why are the owners selling  Have you received any offers on the property How long has the property been on the market  Check if anything is broken Check for squeaky cupboards. Check the pressure of some of the taps. You are allowed to check to see if something is wrong with the property you intent to purchase. Related: 4 Things to Look for When Determining the Condition of a Home Take photos or... View article »
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How To Bid at an Auction

 Watch body language Non verbal cues offer valuable glimpses into a rivals buying power. One of the biggest mistakes is not watching the competition whilst bidding for a property. Check for competition speaking to their family as it indicates that they’ve reached their limit. If such a buyer comes back with a desperation bid, immediately place a higher bid which will equate to a knockout blow to the other competitor. Control the tempo  The faster the bidding the more likely buyers are to go along with it and place higher bids. Bidding in odd increments forces the auctioneer to more challenging arithmetic therefor... View article »
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How to Do a Cost-Effective Kitchen Renovation

[caption id="attachment_8683" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Capitalise on a cost-effective kitchen renovation and get a return on your investment. You'd be surprised that it doesn't take much to do so.[/caption] The kitchen is one of the few places in your home where all the family members gather. Long gone are the days when the kitchen is excluded and concealed in a home. At present, the kitchen doesn’t only serve as a place for dining. It’s also a place where a lot of conversations happen, decisions are made and happy memories take place. These are also the reasons why in selling a property, a... View article »
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How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent?

[caption id="attachment_8671" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Of course you only want to get the best for your property. But how would you really choose the best real estate agent? Read the blog and get tips.[/caption] Do you need a suburb specific agent? In the past, Real Estate was transacted at a suburb level with property prices kept discrete and only disclosed in the local paper once a week. It was almost impossible to get historical data on previously sold properties from over a year ago. However, in today’s day and age with information being a click away it has replaced the need for a... View article »
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What are Buyer’s Agents?

  [caption id="attachment_8664" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Buyer’s agents are licensed professionals who can help you with a couple of things. In this blog, we answer the most FAQs about them.[/caption] Since real estate is a big investment, a lot of people are smart to consider the expert opinion of real estate professionals. In this blog, we would talk about the frequently asked questions about buyer’s agents.   What is the difference between a real estate agent and a buyer’s agent? To simply distinguish the difference between a real estate agent and a buyer’s agent, we need to talk about the work that they do. Real estate... View article »
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