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What to Look for When Determining the Condition of a Home

February 10, 2021

Property executive Caleb Pikoulas shares some tips when determining the condition of a home.

Shower tiles and grout 

Leaking showers can be expensive to repair and an extreme inconvenience. Check the amount of grout on the shower recess. An indication of deteriorating tiles is peeling paint on the wall behind the shower or a musty smell in the room behind the shower 

Look for signs of ceiling collapse 

Homes built between the 60s and 00s are all at risk of the ceiling collapsing due to the use of grout straps, glue, and insufficient fixing screws which age and become less reliable over time. Some of the signs of potential ceiling collapse are cracks on sheet joints and sagging cornices particularly on face brick wall areas

The condition of your tiled roof 

The condition of a tiled roof gives an indication of how well the homes have been maintained. Some of the things you should check on the roof are: 1) Whether the ridge caps are free of cracks in the bed joints, 2) does the roof have any undulations, 3) are there any corrosion in the valley trays and gutters and, 4) if the eaves linings are stained. The cost of a roof inspection is less than the cost of reparations 

Are the flexi hoses worn? 

These are usually found under the sink and rupture far too frequently. Some of the telling sign of whether or not one of the flexi hoses are about to burst are: if they’re kinked, twisted, or rusting.

What are the common house problems that should be addressed?

  • hazardous materials (if the house hasn’t been previously renovated, it may have small amounts of asbestos, lead paint, or both.)
  • foundation and structural
  • electrical and mechanical equipment
  • roofing
  • plumbing
  • mold/mildew

Houses do age and would constantly need upkeep and maintenance. How it is taken care of by the previous owners would be revealed by looking at these conditions.

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