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March 15, 2023
How many ways can you sell your property

How Many Ways Can You Sell Your Property In Australia?

How many ways can you sell your property

Selling a property in Australia can be an important decision, and it’s essential to explore all available options to ensure you make an informed choice. Thankfully, there are several ways you can sell your property in Australia, each with its own set of advantages and considerations. 

In this article, we will discuss the various methods you can use to sell your property, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the options at your disposal. So if you’re selling houses in Australia, then this blog would prove beneficial to you.

How Many Ways Can You Sell Your Property If You Live In Australia?

As the introduction suggests, there are several ways through which Australians can sell any real estate property they desire to let go. Let’s look at them here.

1. Through a Real Estate Agent

Hiring a real estate agent is a popular choice for many property sellers in Australia. These professionals have the expertise and experience to market your property effectively, find potential buyers, negotiate offers, and handle the legal aspects of the sale. Working with a reputable real estate agent can save you time and effort, as they take care of the entire selling process on your behalf.

2. Auction

Property auctions are another common method of selling real estate in Australia. Auctions create a sense of urgency and competition among buyers, potentially leading to higher sale prices. 

When selling your property through an auction, you set a reserve price, and bidders compete to purchase the property. If the highest bid meets or exceeds the reserve price, the property is sold. However, it’s important to note that auctions may not be suitable for all types of properties or in every location.

In addition to traditional property auctions, there are online property auction platforms that offer a convenient and transparent way to sell your property. These platforms allow potential buyers to bid on properties remotely, eliminating the need for physical attendance. Property auction platforms attract a wide range of buyers, including investors, first-time homebuyers, and owner-occupiers.

3. Private Sale

Selling your property privately means taking on the responsibility of marketing, negotiating, and managing the sale process yourself. This method allows you to save on agent commissions, but it requires a significant investment of time and effort. When selling privately, you’ll need to advertise your property, organise inspections, negotiate with potential buyers, and handle all the paperwork involved.

4. Home Buying Company

Home buying companies specialise in purchasing properties quickly, often for cash. These companies can offer a hassle-free selling experience, especially if you’re in urgent need of selling your property or facing financial difficulties. While selling to a home buying company may not always fetch the highest price, it can provide a quick and guaranteed sale.

5. Rent-to-Own Scheme

Rent-to-own schemes allow potential buyers to rent a property with the option to buy it at a later date. This option is suitable for buyers who may not have the immediate financial means to purchase a property but wish to secure a future purchase. As the seller, you can benefit from a steady rental income while providing a path to ownership for the tenant.

What Are The 3 Most Common Methods of Selling Property?

What Are The 3 Most Common Methods of Selling Property?

The three most common methods of selling property in Australia are:

Real Estate Agency 

As discussed, this involves hiring a professional who markets the property, finds potential buyers, negotiates offers, and manages the legal aspects of the sale.


Property auctions create a sense of urgency and competition among buyers, potentially leading to higher sale prices. Bidders compete to purchase the property, and if the highest bid meets or exceeds the reserve price, the property is sold.

Private Sale 

This involves taking on the responsibility of marketing, negotiating, and managing the sale process yourself, without the involvement of a real estate agent. It can save on agent commissions but requires significant time and effort.

What Is The Quickest Way You Can Sell a House?

What Is The Quickest Way You Can Sell a House?

The quickest way to sell a house depends on various factors such as the local market conditions, property location, demand, and pricing. Generally, selling to a home buying company or through an online property auction platform can offer a quick sale. These methods often involve streamlined processes and eliminate some of the complexities associated with traditional sales.

How Quickly Do Most Houses Sell?

The time it takes for a house to sell can vary greatly depending on market conditions, property location, pricing, and other factors. In a seller’s market with high demand, well-priced and desirable properties can sell within days or weeks. However, in a buyer’s market with less demand, it may take several months or longer to secure a sale. It’s essential to consult with local real estate professionals to gain insights into the average time frames for selling houses in Australia.

What Sells a Property Best?

What Sells a Property Best?

Several factors contribute to selling a house successfully. Some key elements include:

Attractive and well-maintained property

A visually appealing house that is in good condition tends to attract more buyers.

Competitive pricing

Pricing your house appropriately based on market conditions and comparable properties is crucial for generating interest and offers.

Effective marketing

Utilising various marketing channels, such as online platforms, professional photography, virtual tours, and engaging property descriptions, can enhance the visibility and desirability of your house.

Staging and presentation

Presenting your house in its best light, decluttering, and staging key areas can make a significant difference in capturing buyers’ attention.

Location and amenities

Desirable locations and proximity to amenities such as schools, parks, shopping centers, and transportation can increase the appeal of a house.

Real estate agent expertise

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent who understands the local market can greatly influence the successful sale of a house.

Remember, each property is unique, and the combination of these factors, along with market dynamics, will ultimately determine how quickly and effectively a house sells.

Sell Your Property Today!

Sell Your Property Today!

Selling your property in Australia offers a multitude of options to suit your individual circumstances and preferences. Whether you choose to work with a real estate agent, sell at auction, explore online platforms, or consider alternative methods, it’s important to carefully evaluate each option based on your specific needs. Consider factors such as time constraints, financial considerations, property condition, and desired sale price to make an informed decision. Remember, each selling method has its own advantages and considerations, so choose the one that aligns best with your goals.

If you have a property for sale in Northcote or a house for sale in Thornbury, reach out to the best experts in selling houses in Australia, Collings Real Estate. Reach out to us today! 

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Preparing your budget as a first time home buyer in Melbourne

Preparing Your Budget as a First-Time Home Buyer in Melbourne

Preparing your budget as a first time home buyer in Melbourne

As a first home buyer in Melbourne, you’re about to embark on one of the most exciting and important journeys of your life. Buying your first home is an achievement that brings a sense of pride and accomplishment, but it also requires careful planning and budgeting. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of preparing your budget as a first-time home buyer in Melbourne. Here are 6 crucial steps in preparing your budget for a property purchase:

  1. Determine how much you can afford
  2. Consider additional costs
  3. Get pre-approved for a mortgage
  4. Research neighbourhoods and property types
  5. Work with a real estate agent
  6. Keep your budget in mind
Determine how much you can afford

Determine How Much You Can Afford

The first step in preparing your budget is to determine how much you can afford to spend on your new home. This will depend on a variety of factors, including your income, expenses, debts, and savings. 

Start by calculating your monthly income and subtracting your monthly expenses and debts. The amount that’s left over is the maximum amount you can afford to spend on your monthly mortgage payment.

Consider additional costs

Consider Additional Costs

When budgeting for your new home, it’s important to consider additional costs beyond your monthly mortgage payment. These may include property taxes, homeowners insurance, utilities, and maintenance and repair costs. You should also factor in any upfront costs such as the deposit, settlement costs, and other fees associated with buying a home.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage

Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Before you start house hunting, it’s a good idea to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This will give you a better idea of how much you can afford to spend on a home and will also make you a more attractive buyer to sellers. 

To get pre-approved, you’ll need to provide your lender with information about your income, assets, debts, and credit score.

Research neighbourhoods and property types

Research Neighbourhoods and Property Types

When house hunting, it’s important to research different neighborhoods and property types to find the best fit for your budget and lifestyle. Consider factors such as proximity to work, schools, and amenities, as well as the age, size, and condition of the property. You may also want to consider factors such as crime rates, noise levels, and potential for future development.

Work with a real estate agent

Work with a Real Estate Agent

Working with a real estate agent can be a valuable resource for first home buyers in Melbourne. An experienced agent can help you find properties that fit your budget and criteria, negotiate on your behalf, and guide you through the home buying process. They can also provide valuable insights into the local real estate market and help you make informed decisions.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Keep Your Budget in Mind

As you begin the process of buying your first home, it’s important to keep your budget in mind at all times. Don’t be tempted to overspend or take on more debt than you can handle. Remember that buying a home is a long-term investment and it’s important to make sure you can afford the monthly payments and additional costs over the long term.

Budget Is Everything

Preparing your budget as a first home buyer in Melbourne is an essential step in the home buying process. By determining your budget, considering additional costs, getting pre-approved for a mortgage, researching neighborhoods and property types, working with a real estate agent, and keeping your budget in mind, you can make informed decisions and find the home of your dreams.

Need help determining your budget, let Collings Real Estate help you out! Reach out to us and begin your home buying journey.

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Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent for First Time Home Buyers

The Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent for First Home Buyers

Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent for First Time Home Buyers

Purchasing your first home can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. You’re about to make one of the most significant investments of your life, and it’s crucial to do it right. While you may be tempted to go at it alone, using a real estate agent can provide numerous benefits for first-time home buyers. In this article, we’ll explore some of the advantages of working with an experienced real estate agent in securing your first property.

Why hiring a real estate agent is worth your while:

  1. access to broader listings
  2. negotiation skills
  3. a wealth of market knowledge
  4. formidable professional networks
  5. unmitigated guidance and support
  6. notable contract expertise

Access to Broader Listings

Access to Broader Listings

Real estate agents have access to a broader range of properties that may not be available to the general public. By working with an agent, you’ll be able to view a more comprehensive selection of homes that match your criteria. This means you’ll have a better chance of finding your dream home.

Negotiation skills

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a crucial part of the home-buying process. As a first-time home buyer, you may not have the experience or confidence to negotiate effectively. 

A real estate agent, on the other hand, has extensive experience negotiating with sellers and can help you get the best possible deal on your new home. They will have a thorough understanding of the market and can use this knowledge to your advantage.

A Wealth of Market Knowledge

A Wealth of Market Knowledge

Real estate agents are experts in their local markets. They can provide valuable insights into the current state of the market and help you make informed decisions about your home purchase. 

Real estate agents can also provide you with information on things like school districts, zoning laws, and local amenities, which can all impact your decision in buying a particular property.

Formidable Professional Networks

Formidable Professional Networks

Real estate agents have extensive professional networks that they can leverage to help you find the right home. They may have connections with other agents, lenders, inspectors, and contractors, which can make the home buying process smoother and more efficient. Additionally, they may be able to refer you to other professionals you may need during the home buying process.

Unmitigated Guidance and Support

Unmitigated Guidance and Support

Buying your first home can be a complex and emotional process. A real estate agent can provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, from finding the right home to closing the deal. They can help you navigate the various stages of the home-buying process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Notable Contract Expertise

Notable Contract Expertise

Real estate contracts can be complicated and confusing, especially for first-time home buyers. A real estate agent can help you understand the terms and conditions of the contract and ensure that you’re getting a fair deal. They can also help you navigate any contingencies or conditions that may be included in the contract.

Reach Out To a Real Estate Agent Today

Working with real estate agents can provide numerous benefits for first home buyers. From access to a broader range of listings to expert negotiation skills and market knowledge, an experienced agent can help you find the right home and get the best possible deal. Real estate agents can also provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, making the home-buying experience less stressful and more enjoyable. 

If you’re a first-time home buyer and don’t know where to start, you can reach out to any of Collings Real Estate’s agents. Together, let us find you your dream home.

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The Top Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Should Avoid

The Top Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Should Avoid

The Top Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Should Avoid

As a first-time home buyer, it is understandable that you might feel overwhelmed and nervous about making one of the biggest investments of your life. There are many things to consider, such as finding the right neighborhood, the right house, and getting a mortgage that works for you. With so much to think about, it’s no surprise that many first-time home buyers make mistakes along the way. This article goes over the top mistakes that first-time home buyers should avoid, so that you can have a smooth and successful home buying experience.

Watch out for these 7 pitfalls:

  1. Not doing enough research
  2. Not getting pre-approved for a mortgage
  3. Not hiring a real estate agent
  4. Skipping the building inspection
  5. Not planning for hidden costs
  6. Not understanding the terms of the mortgage
  7. Not thinking about the resale value

Not Doing Enough Research

Not Doing Enough Research

One of the biggest mistakes that first-time home buyers make is not doing enough research before making a purchase. Buying a home is a significant investment; you want to make sure that you are getting a good deal. 

Take the time to research the local real estate market, the neighborhood you are interested in, and the house you want to buy. Look at the comparable homes in the area and see if the price is reasonable. Research the school district, crime rate, and any other factors that might affect your decision. The more information you have, the better equipped you will be to make an informed decision.

Not Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Not Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Another common mistake that first-time home buyers make is not getting pre-approved for a mortgage. This can be a costly error, as you might waste time looking at homes that are outside of your budget

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage will help you determine how much you can afford to spend on a home, and it will also give you a better idea of what your monthly payments will be. It is essential to know your budget before you start searching for a home.

Not Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Not Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Many first-time home buyers try to navigate the real estate market without the help of a real estate agent. While it is possible to do this, it is not recommended. 

A real estate agent has experience and knowledge that can be invaluable when it comes to finding the right home, negotiating a fair price, and navigating the closing process. A good agent will work with you every step of the way and make sure that you are making an informed decision.

Skipping the Building Inspection

Skipping the Building Inspection

Skipping the home inspection process is another mistake that first-time home buyers should avoid. While it might be tempting to skip this step to save money, it can end up costing you in the long run. 

A home inspection can uncover issues that might not be apparent to the untrained eye, such as a leaky roof or faulty electrical wiring. Knowing about these issues before you buy the home can help you negotiate a better price or avoid a money pit altogether.

Not Planning for Hidden Costs

Not Planning for Hidden Costs

Buying a home involves more than just the purchase price. There are many hidden costs that first-time home buyers might not be aware of, such as conveyancing fees, stamp duty (depending on price), and homeowners insurance. It is important to plan for these expenses so that you are not caught off guard. Your real estate agent can help you understand all of the costs associated with buying a home so that you can plan accordingly.

Not Understanding the Terms of the Mortgage

Not Understanding the Terms of the Mortgage

Getting a mortgage can be a complicated process and first-time home buyers might not understand all of the terms and conditions of the loan. It is essential to read the fine print and make sure you understand all of the fees, interest rates, and other terms of the mortgage. This will help you avoid any surprises down the road.

Not Thinking About Resale Value

Not Thinking About Resale Value

While you might be focused on finding the perfect home for your current needs, it is also important to think about the resale value of the home. You never know what the future might hold, and you want to make sure that you are making the right decisions. 

The resale value of a home is the amount of money that you can expect to receive if you were to sell the property in the future. This is an important consideration because it directly affects your return on investment. While you may not be planning on selling your home anytime soon, there may come a time when you need to move due to a job transfer, a growing family, or other reasons. When that time comes, you want to make sure that your home is a valuable asset that will provide good returns.

Mistakes May Provide Learning, But Preparedness Ensures Better Quality of Life 

Purchasing your first home can be an exciting but daunting experience. Avoiding the aforementioned mistakes can save you time, money, and stress in the long run. 

Remember to do your research, stay within your budget, and think about the long-term investment of your home’s resale value. By following these tips, you can ensure that your first home-buying experience is a positive one. 

We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights that will help you make informed decisions as you embark on your journey as a first-time home buyer. If you need further guidance, reach out to any of Collings Real Estate’s agents. We would love to help you with your home buying goals.

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Exploring The Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre

Exploring The Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre

Exploring The Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre

Maybe the weekend’s been a drag and you are in dire need of something enervating–something that would fill you with wonder and give you activity. Maybe you’re a parent with kids who want them to learn how to swim. Regardless of what you’re dealing with, the Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre has something to offer. 

The Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre is a great community resource for Ivanhoe locals. This facility is popular for the variety of activities and programs it offers. 

From swimming lessons to water aerobics, there are plenty of activities for people of all ages and skill levels. Let’s explore the Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre and learn more about what it has to offer. 

The facility itself

The facility itself.

The facility includes a 25-metre indoor pool with heated water, a 50-metre outdoor pool, and a toddler slide. There is also a spa pool, sauna, and an onsite café and kiosk that serves snacks and drinks. 

All the pools are regularly cleaned and maintained by professionally trained staff members who take pride in ensuring that the facility is safe and enjoyable for everyone who visits. 

Swimming lessons and programs

Swimming Lessons & Programs

The Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre offers a range of swimming lessons that cover all levels from beginner to advanced swimmers. These classes are taught by experienced instructors who focus on building confidence in the water. 

The centre also provides regular programs. These programs include Aqua Aerobics which focuses on low-impact exercises in the water as well as other fitness classes like boot camp, yoga, Pilates, tai chi, aqua Zumba, etc. 

Group activities and events

Group Activities & Events

In addition to lessons and programs, the Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre also hosts various group activities such as birthday parties or family days out at the pool. 

The Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre also hosts regular events such as movie nights. Visitors can watch movies from the facility’s big screen while floating around the pool. The centre also has music nights where visitors can enjoy live music from local artists while relaxing in one of their spa pools or steam rooms. 

Unwind, Relax, and Enjoy Your Time at The Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre

The Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre is an amazing facility that offers something for everyone. 

Whether you’re looking for swimming lessons or just want to relax with friends or family at one of its many events and activities, The Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre is the place for you. With its variety of services available year-round, it’s no wonder why so many people flock to this amazing centre. 


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Fitzroy North Suburb Profile

Fitzroy North Suburb Profile

Fitzroy North Suburb Profile

Lax and laid-back, Fitzroy North is every hardworking professional’s retreat. The suburb emanates a wholesome vibe that slows down the daily drudgeries of the metropolitan. 

The suburb’s housing stock is a collection of vintage and modern homes made picturesque by abundant greenery. The well-maintained and refurbished older homes echo the affluence of the Victorian era. The contemporary units veer away from this as they conspire with glass, concrete, and steel, indicative of design genius and tasteful, contemporary style. 

Fitzroy North’s commercial area is peppered with mid-rise buildings occupied by shops, restaurants, and other boutiques. Bakeries, delis, and modish organic grocers abound providing crafted specialties for those with discriminating palettes.

Like icing on the cake, Fitzroy North fosters a thriving nightlife. It is home to the most sophisticated wine bars in Melbourne that offer items of top-shelf quality. Meanwhile, St George’s Road has a notable selection of restaurants with varying menus and specialties. Visitors get to choose from an impressive roster of vegetarian, Mexican, and Indian street food. Select food places also offer the best-tasting pizzas in Melbourne.

Fitzroy North benefits from its proximity to prestigious schools for parents who prioritise top-tier education for their children. Professionals are also at an advantage with its nearness to the CBD.

Fitzroy North has an extensive traffic management system that saves locals time, allowing them to spend it on family, friends, and activities that matter to them.

An example of high-quality living, Fitzroy North cradles residents in a lifestyle of comfort and convenience. 

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Great educational options in Preston

Great Educational Options in Preston

Great educational options in Preston

Couples who are raising a family know that education is not just a privilege; it’s a right. The more responsible ones take the schooling of their young as a primary consideration in looking for a place to reside in. If you and your partner are among the lot and have chanced upon Preston, you have already won half the battle. 

You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of great schools located in the area. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at five of the best schools in Preston and what they have to offer.

Preston Primary School, VIC

Preston Primary School

The Preston Primary School is conveniently located close to the centre of town and offers education from Prep until Year 6. 

Preston Primary strives to create a learning environment that motivates excellence and celebrates individual successes. Here, students learn the importance of personal responsibility for their actions and how it promotes resilience in everyday life. 

Preston Primary’s community also encourages positive interaction between its members where respect and honesty reign as core values. 

The school boasts modern facilities including two libraries, an amphitheatre, a computer lab, and two music rooms. The Preston Primary has an active Parents & Friends Association that organises regular activities for students.

Preston High School, VIC

Preston High School

For secondary education options, there’s no better choice than Preston High School which offers programs from Years 7 to 12. 

Preston High School passionately works toward excellence in all its endeavours, encouraging students to pursue fulfilling paths through methods of inclusion and empathy. 

Taking into account the importance of humanity and the environment, the school gives individuals an opportunity to discover meaning within their passions or talents – allowing them to unlock richer lives.

The school has excellent facilities which include a library, gymnasium, canteen, and several outdoor sporting grounds. There is also a comprehensive range of extracurricular activities available such as debating clubs, theatre groups, and sports teams.

Sacred Heart Primary School Preston, VIC

Sacred Heart Primary School Preston

Founded on the principles of the Catholic faith, Sacred Heart Primary School is a place where children can grow and thrive. The school is committed to providing high-quality education to all its students, with a focus on student-centred learning and a strong sense of community.

The Sacred Heart Primary School Preston believes that every student deserves to reach their full potential. This is why its learning and teaching programmes are crafted around personalised instruction. Each individual’s special strengths, talents and interests are carefully considered to set achievable goals with the opportunity for growth and success along every step of their journey.

The school boasts modern and well-equipped classrooms. Additionally, the school also offers a variety of amenities such as a library, science lab, and art room. The Sacred Heart Primary School is dedicated to incorporating technology into the classroom, providing students with the latest tools and resources to enhance their learning. This includes access to computers, interactive whiteboards, and other educational technology.

Preston West Primary School, VIC

Preston West Primary School

Preston West Primary School is a historically-rich institution located in the vibrant City of Darebin. With enrolments soaring over the last decade, Preston West has grown dramatically; not only are there now five new buildings onsite for Grades 4-6 students but also an impressive gymnasium and music room providing ample space to learn. The school’s central location puts it right near Preston Market and the High Street shopping precinct. Its 1915 main building is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens featuring dry creek river beds.

With a proud history of 106 years providing educational excellence to the community, Preston West Primary School has recently established two new learning hubs in their Grade 4 and 5 galleries. Dedicated to instilling students with an outlook for ‘Duty First,’ these dynamic classrooms honour the school’s long standing motto first coined all those decades ago, showing that some things never go out of style.

At Preston West Primary School, every student is treated as an individual and has the opportunity to thrive in a safe and stimulating environment. Here, kids can make valuable friendships while learning through a cutting-edge curriculum based on the best instructional practices of the 21st century that are recognized across the globe. 

Parade College (Preston Campus)

Parade College (Preston Campus)

Parade College strives to create a vibrant and supportive community that celebrates the core value of “one school, two campuses.” Both the Bundoora and Preston sites emphasise academic excellence in addition to providing students with the necessary pastoral care they need for spiritual growth. 

Parade College’s aim has always been clear: to provide all members of this college family with an environment where safety comes first as each pursues their educational journey.

Parade College’s Preston campus offers a unique learning environment for high schoolers aged 8 to 12. Students can join an array of stimulating programs and sporting activities, guaranteeing equal opportunities for all.

When year 9 wraps, Parade College students are ready to begin a new chapter in their education. They can choose between two expert pathways: vocational or traditional VCE options. The Edmund Rice Pathways Program provides an array of chances to explore at Preston campus for Year 10 studies, while Vocational Education facilities await them with open arms at both the Bundoora and Preston campuses. Those on the 11/12 VCE program are exposed to more opportunities as they’ll reap all rewards from hands-on experience via work placements.

Live and Learn in Preston

With so many educational options in Preston, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your kids. Hopefully, this blog post has helped you make an informed decision about where to send them.

Nonetheless, no matter which school you choose in Preston, you can be sure that your child will receive a quality education. All of them foster an environment that encourages growth and development both inside and outside the classroom.

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Three Cafes in Alphington That Are Worth Your Time

Your New Hang-Out Places: Three Cafés in Alphington That Are Worth Your Time

Three Cafes in Alphington That Are Worth Your Time

A prime location just 7 kilometres from the CBD, Alphington shines in affluence with its luxurious housing stock, comprehensive public amenities, and thriving commercial area. The suburb is an aesthetic ensemble of modish modern and vintage houses blessed with lush green spaces.

If you are enjoying your day off or are unwinding at the end of a busy week on a beautiful Saturday morning, you might want to do it at one of Alphington’s quaint and exciting cafés. To help you pick where to go, we have listed three cafés the suburb boasts of.

Kissaten Alphington, VIC

Kissaten Alphington

Enjoy the best of both East and West at Kissaten Alphington! 

Drawing on his partner’s beloved Japanese heritage, owner Adam Wright has crafted a café that perfectly blends modern fare with traditional culinary influences. 

Relax in Kissaten Alphington’s naturally-lit dining room or linger outside under its spacious covered courtyard complete with a Japanese garden. On balmy days, treat yourself to an al fresco breakfast as your dogs are warmly welcomed in Melbourne’s chilly weather-all creating an unforgettable atmosphere for you to lavish in.

A delectable array of Japanese food awaits at Kissaten Alphington, where renowned chef Edward Noble has lovingly crafted a menu full to the brim with Japanese delights. Start your day off right and enjoy the classic breakfast ramen. Tantalise your taste buds with omurice before sinking into a comforting donburi rice bowl. 

Give in to the temptation and try the karaage burger – an irresistible fusion of traditional flavours that’s sure to leave you satisfied! And don’t forget okonomiyaki, a must-have side dish for any food adventure.

Kissaten Alphington is located at 538 Heidelberg Road. It is open from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 3 PM and on the weekends from 8 AM to 3 PM.

Fossette Café & Pizza Restaurant, VIC

Fossette Café & Pizza Restaurant

Exuberant with a colourful and quirky atmosphere, dining at the Fossette Café & Pizza Restaurant is always a treat. It offers a notable roster of breakfast, lunch, café, and pizza menus that are sure to excite your taste buds.

Rendered in vibrant platters, each dish is created with a love for strong flavours and healthy eating. For breakfast, you’ll find staples like eggs on toast and granola alongside novelties such as Feta and Chili Scramble and the cafe’s Grande Breakfast. For lunch, customers are treated to various energising salads and chicken dishes with some vegan options that open the menu to the more discriminating patrons.

But the piece de resistance is its café and pizza menus that offer an array of pastries, coffee, and pizza that will fill your day in town with utter delight. 

Fossette Café is located at 737 Heidelberg Rd. It is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM and closed every weekend.

Mr Wednesday, VIC

Mr Wednesday

Step into the world of Mr Wednesday, where global flavours meet local ingredients in a mouth-watering array of scrumptious dishes. Enjoy delightful recipes crafted from locally-sourced produce and top it off with their specialty-grade coffee. All this is tucked away within Melbourne’s back streets for an exclusive experience you won’t forget.

While Mr Wednesday’s menu changes seasonally, offerings such as big brekkies, BLT, porridge, burritos, burgers, tacos, toasts, waffles, and omelettes endure. 

Set in a quaint establishment with a black-and-white palette, Mr. Wednesday offers a cool and lax air that invites any visitor to stay and relax.  

Mr Wednesday is located at 144 Wingrove Street. It is open from  Monday to Friday from 6:30 AM to 4:00 PM. On the weekends and public holidays, it is open from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

The Good Times Await

Regardless if you’re looking for a new hangout place to punctuate your weekend or have felt a sudden urge for coffee, look no further from these three cafés in Alphington. The good times are waiting for you.

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The Best Parks for Toddlers in Melbourne

The Best Parks for Toddlers in Melbourne

The Best Parks for Toddlers in Melbourne

If you’re a parent, you understand the value of taking your child out into the world, exposing him or her to your surroundings-hoping to inculcate an enjoyment of nature. Alongside this, taking your child for a stroll or playtime at the park builds his or her immunity and social skills.

That said, residing in Melbourne opens you to a selection of parks and green areas where you can bring your toddler for a health-giving walk. 

This blog post will introduce you to three of the best parks in and around Melbourne:

  • Aughtie Drive Adventure Playground
  • Royal Park Nature Playground
  • Markham Reserve Playground

Aughtie Drive Adventure Playground

Aughtie Drive Adventure Playground

Race to Aughtie Drive Adventure Playground, next door to the Grand Prix grandstands! Here, children can play at the enormous wooden fort playground furnished with thrilling slides, tunnels, and bridges. 

Meanwhile, their betters can enjoy one of the sheltered barbecue spaces or shaded tables under nearby trees. 

Outgoing and physically-active individuals and young couples can also delight in Aughtie Drive Adventure Playground through an outdoor gym circuit around the lake.

Royal Park Nature Playground

Royal Park Nature Playground

If you’re looking for a place where your toddlers can have fun, learn, and play at the same time, then the Royal Park Nature Playground in Parkville is the perfect place. This award-winning park, (also known as the Royal Children’s Hospital playground) offers a unique and exciting experience.

Located on the site of the former Royal Children’s Hospital and adjacent to the new hospital, this nature-based play space is easily accessible from the corner of Flemington Road and Gatehouse Street. It is huge in space and diverse in its playground installations.

The Royal Park Nature playground is divided into two main areas: the upper playground and the lower playground. The lower playground is packed with exciting climbing installations from wooden and rope structures to metal ones. If the kids need a break from climbing, the sandpit and nest swing are the perfect places to relax and recharge.

The upper playground is a must-visit for more mature kids who are seeking more challenging experiences. With four different slides that offer varying degrees of speed, kids can test their limits and have fun simultaneously. The large rope obstacle course provides an exciting and engaging experience.

Markham Reserve Playground

Markham Reserve Playground

Markham Reserve is a haven of adventure and recreation in the City of Boroondara. Located on the southern boundary of the city, the reserve boasts a vast open space that is perfect for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

At the heart of Markham Reserve lies a thrilling adventure playground that promises hours of entertainment for children of all ages. The playground features a wide range of installations that provide exciting activities including climbing nets, a large seesaw, a flying fox, monkey bars, wooden kookaburras, and more.

In addition to the adventure playground, Markham Reserve offers a community garden for residents to grow plants and flowers. The reserve also has several beautiful spots for picnics and barbecues, making it a great place to spend a day outdoors with family and friends.

For those who enjoy active outdoor pursuits, Markham Reserve is a great place to ride a bike, skateboard, or scooter. The scenic path for cyclists runs alongside Gardiners Creek, offering a picturesque route for riders to enjoy.

Enjoy Being With Family In These Fun and Amazing Parks!

Melbourne is home to some fantastic parks that are perfect for toddlers. So whether you’re looking for open space to let your toddler run off some energy or want somewhere that can provide more structured activities, these Melbourne parks are the perfect fit! So pick your destination today and start exploring Melbourne’s best toddler parks!

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Dining in Ivanhoe East: Five of the Best Restaurants and Cafes in the Area

Dining in Ivanhoe East: Five of the Best Restaurants and Cafes in the Area

Dining in Ivanhoe East: Five of the Best Restaurants and Cafes in the Area

Ivanhoe East’s commercial area thrives in character and culture, leaving a lasting impression among locals and visitors. With all its multicultural trappings and offerings, the area is the go-to place of all residents for their fun night outs. 

There is something for everyone in this exciting area, as it is home to some of the best restaurants and cafes in Victoria. So whether you’re just visiting or looking for a new hang-out place, these five dining spots in Ivanhoe East will serve you well:

  • Lucille Bistro
  • Hank Marvin
  • Barr’d Wine & Tapas Bar
  • East Ivy
  • Issho Japanese

Lucille Bistro, Ivanhoe East, VIC

Lucille Bistro

A space rendered in a soothing black, white, and gray palette, Lucille Bistro emanates affluence and elegance matched only by its impressive menu and excellent service. 

Lucille Bistro’s dine-in menu consists of a strong selection of flavors from different cultures. Clients are treated with the likes of grazing plates of cured meats and strong spices, authentic pasta, steaks, casual fries and salads, and resplendent desserts.

The bistro also offers a wide range of luxurious wines. Lined up beautifully across the establishment’s concrete walls, the long and continuous wine shelf gives patrons easy access to their options as it provides them with something interesting to look at. 

Lucille Bistro is located at 239 Lower Heidelberg Road, just 10 km northeast of the Melbourne CBD. The bistro is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 5 PM to 10 PM.

Hank Marvin, Ivanhoe East, VIC

Hank Marvin

With a space built with wood, concrete, and red bricks, Hank Marvin is a warm and aesthetic dining place that offers breakfast and lunch and a selection of alcoholic drinks during the latter part of the day.

Hank Marvin’s breakfast offerings are available until 3 PM. Brekkie Buns, Chili Scramble, Berry Hotcakes, and Classic Croque Monsieur are among the breakfast go-to’s of the restaurant’s loyal patrons. For lunch, they are treated to Baked Gnocchi, Angus Beef Burger, and Hank Marvin’s Fried Chicken Burger among others.

The restaurant also has a coffee line-up that is sure to give caffeine lovers plenty to dream about. On top of that, they can be paired with a pastry of the client’s choice from an assortment of lovingly-made pieces that are not only tasty but also well-presented.

Hank Marvin is located at 269 Lower Heidelberg Road. The restaurant is open on Mondays and from Wednesday to Sunday, from 7 AM to 3 PM. On the weekends, Hank Marvin is open from 8 AM to 3 PM. It is closed on Tuesdays.

Barr'd Wine & Tapas Bar, Ivanhoe East, VIC

Barr’d Wine & Tapas Bar

Barr’d Wine & Tapas Bar is a vibrant hub for food, drinks, conversations, and memories. As soon as you step inside this warm welcoming space, you know it’s more than just another bar. No detail has been left to chance in creating an atmosphere that encourages people to come together over platters of scrumptious tapas dishes from both Spanish and traditional cuisine.

Barr’d understands that everyone has different preferences when it comes to food. That’s why its menu also offers a tantalizing array of gluten-free and vegetarian options – ensuring deliciousness for all! The selection is always topnotch, with seasonal ingredients providing the backbone for both tapas delights as well as imaginative cocktails. 

All these are complemented by a superb selection of international wines from around the world alongside exquisite cocktails plus craft beers.

Barr’d Wine & Tapas Bar also boasts of a polite, efficient staff whose aim is to provide the ultimate dining experience.’

Barr’d Wine & Tapas Bar is located at 240 Lower Heidelberg Road. It is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 4 PM to 1 AM, Fridays from 3 PM to 1 AM, Saturdays from 2 PM to 1 AM, and Sundays from 2 PM to 11 PM. Barr’d is closed on Mondays.

East Ivy, Ivanhoe East, VIC

East Ivy

East Ivy is the perfect spot to enjoy an authentic Aussie meal with a fusion of influences from different cuisines. 

Explore their delicious menu and tantalize your taste buds with fresh salads, cheesy toasts, and buttery poached eggs alongside a myriad of other tasty offerings. Top it off with a delectable Vietnamese Coffee or latte paired with its famous mouth-watering muffins.

Set in a cozy space made pleasingly-aesthetic with its black brick walls, polished concrete floors, granite counters, and white-wooden tables and chairs, East Ivy is a warm place to dine in. 

East Ivy is located at 6 Burton Crescent. The restaurant is open on Mondays from 6:30 AM  to 4:00 PM, Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6:30 PM to 4:30 PM, and Sundays from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

Issho Japanese, Ivanhoe East, VIC

Issho Japanese

Meaning “together,” Issho is the perfect place for Japanese food lovers who want to come together and enjoy a delicious authentic Japanese meal. 

With classic Bento boxes, stunning sushi boats with freshly-rolled seafood selections from their sushi masters, donburi rice bowls, Japanese curries, or an array of vegetarian options – there’s something for everyone at Isshō! 

Rendered in a minimalist style replete with polished wood, Issho’s dining space manages to be homey while undeniably oriental at the same time. The neat space coupled with good food makes for a desirable dining experience.

Issho is located at 248 Lower Heidelberg Road. It is open from Tuesdays to Thursdays from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM, Fridays, and Saturdays from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM and then again from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Issho is closed on Mondays and Sundays.

Ivanhoe East Is The Place To Be

Looking for a casual spot to grab lunch or something more luxurious for dinner? Name it, Ivanhoe East has it

From classic cafes to fine dining, there’s something in the suburb’s village shops to suit every taste bud. Take the opportunity to explore some of these amazing eateries today and see why Ivanhoe East is a darling among Aussie foodies.

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