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Suburb Profile: Heidelberg Heights

This culture-friendly suburb is one of Melbourne's prime residential locations. Located 13 kilometers northeast of Melbourne's central business district, the people here are comprised of professionals, retirees, singles & families with kids, With a mix of newly built residential properties and affordable homes that are ready for renovation, Heidelberg Heights is a low-traffic suburb that offers a more peaceful lifestyle but with easy access to amenities and essential services. More and more people are moving to Heidelberg Heights so the market for new properties increases on a regular basis. Its proximity to schools and universities not to mention primary health facilities are... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 12th August, 2022

How Can Buying Off the Plan Benefit You as an Investor

If you're torn between buying off the plan vs building a house, we are here to tell you about the benefits of buying off the plan especially if you're an investor. There are possibilities for things to fail here and there like with any investment opportunity we get ourselves into, but with proper planning and research, you can mitigate the risks. There are a lot of questions that cross our minds during these times. What if I change my mind along the way? What is the process in buying off the plan? Is it still considered a good investment if I... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 10th August, 2022

Suburb Profile: Ivanhoe

Exuding quaintness and eloquence that lends itself to the suburb's pursuit of contemporary living, Ivanhoe is seen as one of the best suburbs in all of Melbourne. Only 10 kilometers away, visitors from the CBD can reach the suburb through an efficient system of trains and trams. Lined with periodic homes of picturesque architecture, the residential areas are leafy illustrations of what an ideal life could be, inviting everyone from all walks of life to ponder and submit to reverie. Commerce thrives in Ivanhoe with its wide selection of shops along the Upper Heidelberg Road. At Christmas time, a walk along The... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 8th August, 2022

Buying A House With A Partner

Buying a house with a partner remains a very stressful process but it also comes with huge excitement and great hopes for the future. It's been a practical approach for couples; buying a house together before marriage. Others want to buy properties with special people in their lives but a common question remains being asked: can friends buy a house together? Can siblings buy a house together? While we think these are possible, we would focus on those couples who want to purchase a home together. Buying together Decide on a budget and find a home loan The first consideration you have to talk... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 5th August, 2022

3 Standout Specialty Stores in Ivanhoe You Need to Visit Today!

Kylie has just moved to Ivanhoe and was wondering what part of the suburb she could start exploring. Despite sharing a name with a famous Aussie pop star, Kylie's life is not as vibrant as other 20-something girls like her tend to be. It's not that she frowns upon the spectacle that social media has to offer or the throbbing allure of the Melbourne nightlife. No. That's not how it is. Kylie prefers the quiet character of humble Victoria and what its high culture has in store. Kylie finds enjoyment in visiting specialty stores. And that is something that Ivanhoe can... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 3rd August, 2022

The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

There are so many things to consider before we move into a new home. We all must be prepared emotionally, mentally, financially, and physically before the big moving day. It is one of the biggest causes of stress and we are bound to do it more than once in our entire lives. To make things easier, there should be a checklist before moving into new home. This checklist would include things you need to do, people you need to contact, suppliers you need to hire, and any other preparations that you have to do before the big move. This way, you also... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 1st August, 2022

Suburb highlight: Preston Market

In its 50 years of existence, Preston Market has established itself as one of the institutions of Melbourne. Preston Market is a privately owned establishment and has no official heritage value linked to it. But for the people, it doesn't need one as it continues to serve the community eversince its establishment in the 1970. Preson Market has gone through different changes since. From being a European-centric market, it has shifted to being a multicultural one and adapting to the needs of the growing diverse population of the city. As more and more migrants continue to flock to Melbourne, Preston Market... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 28th July, 2022

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

One of our main concerns when entering into a purchase of a new home whether it's our first or not is the financing. Our choices are somewhat dependent on how much we can afford as initial deposit and how much we can pay for mortgage in the coming years. It's a good thing that there are options for payment terms in the market. One of them is the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme. This program allows eligible first home buyers to choose a property and purchase it with as low as five percent deposit. It is because of this low deposit... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 28th July, 2022

3 Reasons Why Brunswick East is one of Melbourne’s Cultural Suburbs

Initially seen as a semi-industrial hub with its massive warehouses, workshops, and factories, Brunswick East has grown into popularity as a highly-cultural suburb.  Subjected to fast gentrification efforts of recent years, Brunswick East has been experiencing notable changes with several industrial sites transformed into residential and retail areas.  Lifestyle has become a driving force in Brunswick East's development. This being in the cards, Brunswick East is now a go-to cultural place that boasts of multiple delights.  Here are 3 notable things that Brunswick East offers that make it a cultural hub you would want to visit: A Community of Sustainability A sustainable life is... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 25th July, 2022

When is the Best Time to Sell Your Property

It may be one of the (if not the) largest assets you will ever have to sell so it is imperative that we make sure we achieve the best price possible for our home. We took so much time planning and preparing for when we first decided to buy a home. It only follows that when we finally decide to sell our first ever property, we also consider several factors. In this article, we will tackle the best time to sell your home and what are the common mistakes to avoid when selling your property. We aim to guide you through... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 22nd July, 2022