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5 Local Speciality Shops in Fairfield, Victoria

October 9, 2022
5 Specialty Shops in Fairfield

Fairfield is a fairly small suburb sitting 6 kms far from Melbourne CBD. Fairfield is extremely walkable. Although it’s small in land area, this oddly-shaped suburb is the home to many urban professionals. 

What are the lifestyle shops that you should head to whenever you’re in Fairfield? We’ve shortlisted specialty shops with the highest-rated reviews:

5 Elements Boutique

5 Elements Boutique is a small clothing shop that offers clothing labels such as M.A. Dainty, Once Was, Elm Lifestyle and many more. Women shop here because of the wide range of clothing but what makes them come back is the shop’s customer service. The staff are generous in giving fashion advice and genuinely care about the shoppers. Hard selling doesn’t exist in their vocabulary, just pure honest opinion.

Fossil Vintage Furniture

Running their business since the 30s, Fossil Vintage Furniture has surely mastered its craft of sourcing the best vintage pieces there is. The shop is considered to be one of Australia’s premiere vintage and industrial furniture sellers. Each piece sold by Fossil Vintage Furniture is hand-selected for its individuality, style, and quality. 


Shopping for clothes is one of the best or worst feeling in the world depending on where you choose to do it. At Ili, every shopper is warmly welcomed by the attentive staff. Their fashion advice is tailored to your body shape and preference. Ili is also very active in social media. Their website always is updated with their latest catalog but it’s always a joy to visit the shop and try the clothes in person. 

Fairfield Books

This independent bookstore at Fairfield is a gem for bookworms! They stock an extensive range of books; from best sellers to obscure ones. If they don’t have the book in stock, they will go the extra mile to source the book for you. 

Shoe Image

Shoe Image is a family-run business in Fairfield existing for many decades now. Whether you are looking for women’s shoes, men’s shoes, or children’s shoes, they always have something that will suit your preference. The owner is very knowledgeable when it comes to giving out advice on size, model and color so it’s almost impossible to walk out of the store empty-handed.

Fairfield doesn’t boast of large shopping malls and supermarket chains. But that is an advantage to local shops as their businesses thrive with the support of residents and visitors. The success of the local shops in Fairfield is a testament to what the suburb is like as a community: small but tight-knit.

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