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7 Tips for Purchasing a House

March 2, 2021

Don’t buy into the hype of a property 

It is crucial to do your own research and inspections before committing to buying a property. This ensure no unseen nasties after the purchase. To find out about the suburb look at median property prices, expected interest rates and the ratio of buyers to sellers in the area.

Visit the location that you’re buying in 

Be very clear about what matters to you in an area:

  • Major roads 
  • Public transport
  • Shopping centres 
  • Schools 
  • Cultural diversity 

Check for planned infrastructure and immerse yourself in the community ie, go to a cafe or a local restaurant. You can also try to commute to get a glimpse of how the public transport works in the area. Commuting is a big part of our days so it would be good to know if public transport won’t be a problem for you.

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Consider surrounding suburbs

If your initial choice of the suburb is out of your budget surrounding suburbs may offer a better price for you. Ask some locals about their opinions on surrounding suburbs. If a suburbs value rises, the surrounding suburbs value usually does too.

Look for the upside

Keep an eye on interest rates and market trends. Take your time and buy at the best price that the property pricing cycle will allow for.

Talk to some local agents for the best expert information on what’s happening in the market 

If you really like an area you may consider different types of property such as apartments which are a much cheaper option that buying a block of land in a suburb. Work closely with your agent to develop an action plan and strategy that suits you.

Stay up to date and beat the competition 

Try to seek off-market opportunities. To stay ahead of the competition look into deceased estates and mortgage sales.


Inspect diligently. Look between the lines for issues that may not be immediately obvious. Make a list of possible things to check for. Pay attention to details such as cracks holes or a sufficient amount of power. Don’t let the love of a property blind you to its shortcomings.

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