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Bars in High Street Northcote Part 1

November 25, 2022
Bars in High Street Northcote

Northcode has made its name as one the go-to places when you want to have a good time. This suburb prides itself for having exceptional options for drinking beer and wine, eating pub food, and just being in the live scene. At Northcote, it’s just right and natural for locals to wind down and enjoy a good time at night especially on Fridays and weekends.

Low Key, High Street, Northcote

Low Key

Starting off with the most straightforward and simplest one, Lowkey is a bar apt for its name. Regulars enjoy the selection of beers that are on a rotation to promote the most local brewers. Speaking of promoting locals, the owners of Lowkey are big fans of it. They also push other businesses to the top aside from themselves. They allow store-bought food from the nearby shops to be paired with their selection of beers and wines.

Bar Nonno, High Street, Northcote

Bar Nonno

This modern European cuisine bar has a capacity of 100 people. Their service is fantastic given their huge seating capacity. The owner is hands-on and humbling waiting on tables as well, offering great wine and food service to everyone. Locals will say that their favorite at Bar Nonno are their Arancini balls and their great pasta selection, especially the papa al pomodoro. Their freshly shucked oysters are also perfect to pair with their bottle of wines.

Francesca's Bar, High Street, Northcote

Francesca’s Bar

If you want a different vibe from the first two bars above, Francesca’s Bar is a hip and laid-back option that might fancy your taste. With exposed-brick walls and vintage furniture, this bar has a hip vibe to it. Regulars at Francesca’s Bar appreciate its crew with solid knowledge about cocktails. Their website also features their menu with photos so you won’t be left wondering what your orders might look like. 

Northcote is a bustling and vibrant suburb at present so it may be difficult to imagine that it’s a totally different way back. It’s just in the 90s when Northcote has started undergoing a lot of changes – from then, the suburb attracted a higher socio-economic base to move in. This shift in economic demographics paved the way for the Northcote that it is today. Needless to say, it is one of the fastest-growing, and definitely one of the most sought-after, suburbs in Victoria.

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