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Bellfield: Melbourne’s Best Kept Secret

October 24, 2022
Bellfield: Melbourne's Best Kept Secret

Bellfield is a tiny suburb tucked between Heidelberg West on its north, Heidelberg Heights on its east, Ivanhoe on its south and Preston on its west. You can explore the whole of Bellfield in 10 minutes not only because of its land size but also because of its low traffic. 

This up-and-coming suburb has something for everyone. No wonder why it attracts almost every kind of resident. Retirees eye the decently sized blocks with the close proximity to Ivanhoe Village without paying the premium price of being located in Ivanhoe, while the fairly new townhouses appeal better to the younger, first-home buyers and renters. 

Bellfield, VIC

Is it the next Ivanhoe?

People are claiming it to be the next Ivanhoe as both suburbs share a number of good qualities: the leafy-lined streets, the peaceful and quiet neighbourhood, the easy access to CBD – among other things.

Bellfield sits just 9kms from CBD, making it an accessible suburb and close to almost everywhere you please to go. While it’s true that Bellfield has no shopping strip of its own, Fairfield, Ivanhoe and Northland Shopping centres are just 5 mins away via driving.

Bellfield, VIC

It is one of the nests where investors place their eggs.

Bellfield has been long prepped for renovation and developments. There are a number of projects happening here and there in the streets of Bellfield. Compared to the property prices of its neighbouring suburbs, the real estate market in Bellfield is still quite low. In time, the prices will surely start to pick up as more and more development projects near completion.

At this point, those who want to get their hands at properties in Bellfield are a mix of owner-occupiers and investors. This is a smart move considering how conveniently near the suburb is to the more affluent and developed suburbs in Melbourne.

Bellfield, VIC

The residents of Bellfield enjoy the best of both worlds.

The chirpy and accommodating residents of Bellfield enjoy the best of both worlds. They are far enough from the CBD to enjoy the quiet life while also having the access to it. This perk is enjoyed by the mix of residents ranging from singles, professionals, families and retirees who crave to strike the perfect balance between enjoying the inner city excitement and peace of the suburbs while still having access to the glamourous life at the CBD.

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