Cafes in Aberdeen Road, Macleod

November 21, 2022
Cafes in Aberdeen Road, Macleod

Well-loved by its tight-knit community, Macleod is a humble little suburb with bright and sunny walkways filled with equally chirpy people. Although quite small in land area compared to other suburbs in Victoria, Macleod is nothing short of amazing with its leafy parks and wonderful cafes. 

Aberdeen Road in Macleod is known for its strip of amazing cafes and restaurants. It’s the go-to place of couples with kids and fur babies especially because of its distance to a nearby park.

In this blog, we have featured 3 of the best cafes we think you should try in Aberdeen Road, Macleod.

Touchstone Cafe

Touchstone Café

We cannot really put a finger on the exact reason why Touchstone Café was featured by an online newspaper. Because to be honest, you’d need an extra pair of hands to count the reasons for its greatness. Their French toasts, pancakes, scrambled eggs, smoothies, vegan, and gluten-free options are just a few of the reasons why first-timers easily convert to becoming repeat customers. Greeted by the friendly staff the moment you walk in, you would instantly feel the warm and welcoming vibe in this café.

For most people, parking, waiting time, and cleanliness are also the top cafe considerations – In this case, Touchstone Cafe amazingly ticks all the boxes.

Espresso 54

Espresso 54

Having late lunch probably after 2pm? Espresso 54 got you covered. Famous for their sit down lunch menu and go-to options, this cafe is a delight to two kinds of people: 1) those who are just starting the day, and 2) those who might just need a quick afternoon perk-up.

If you have visited the cafe more than once, chances are the staff already remember your name and your usual order! Sit down and jam with the smooth jazz in the background while waiting for your cup of coffee. As advocates of using less single-use cups, they are generous to slash 50 cents off of your order if you bring your own cup!

Sitting down with your dog? Have your furry friend try their puppercino too!

Mr. Macleod

Mr. Macleod

The country vibe of Mr. Macleod matches well with their range of all-organic menu. Aside from the default consistently good coffee, people just keep on coming back for their monthly special burger. Regulars go for brunch and seal the experience with their honest-to-goodness cakes.

This family-friendly cafe is always prepared to accommodate everyone including babies and kids with their prams and high chairs. Don’t let your kid miss out on their special babycino for kids!

You can always count on a cup of coffee to lift up your mood. Spoiled with great choices nearby, people in Macleod are surely enjoying their fill regularly.

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