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Suburb Profile: Abbotsford

  Since Abbotsford is tucked between Richmond and Collingwood, residents benefit from the inner-city living while also enjoying the greenery of the Yarra River. It's safe to say that living in Abbotsford gives off the organic and laid-back vibe. This gentrified suburb is continuously developing and growing as the years progress. Here are some of the amazing amenities that locals have come to enjoy and love    High Schools: Australian National Academy of Music The Australian National Academy of Music is an educational establishment dedicated to training the youth in classical music. Students from Australia and New Zealand are welcome.  Xavier College (Kew) Xavier College is an Australian... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 13th February, 2022

2 Factors to Consider When Determining Your Home Budget

Credit-to-debit ratio To avoid overestimating your mortgage repayments, take into account your monthly spending habits and your current debts. Maintenance costs If you're considering buying a home with a pool or other facilities, consider these maintenance factors into your budget Determining your home budget is extremely crucial when purchasing a property. When disregarded, we often run into overspending that could render us short on repayments. View article »
Posted in Blogs on 9th February, 2022

Suburb Profile: Thornbury

Thornbury, roughly seven kilometers north of the city, is the meat in the sandwich between the hip bars and cafes of Northcote and the more old-school, family vibe of Preston by being a gentle mix of both. Thornbury offers the best of both worlds to its residents which might be why it's one of the most loved suburbs in Melbourne. Be that as it may, Thornbury is more than just a foodie haven. Get to know more about Thornbury with this community guide:   High Schools Thornbury High School Thornbury High is a diverse and vibrant learning environment. They offer a progressive and innovative curriculum... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 8th February, 2022

Suburb Profile: Preston

Is Preston a good suburb? Let this suburb profile answer your questions about the neighbourhood. Preston: A vibrant, multicultural suburb that is home to wonderful cafes, old school bakeries, and a smorgasbord of restaurants. This suburb is an archetype of being both old and new with its thriving and eclectic community of artists, young and vibrant individuals, and families. Get to know more about Preston with this community guide: Primary Schools Preston West Primary School This school encourages its students to strive for excellence by providing an inclusive and rigorous learning environment for children to grow as passionate learners. Preston Primary School Preston Primary School takes pride... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 30th January, 2022

Short Term Stay (AirBnB) vs. Long Term Lease

What is the difference between the two? And which is better for my property? There are several advantages and disadvantages to leasing your space short term and long term.  Check out our list so you can see for yourself which one you will have for your rental. Short term stay (AirBnB) - advantages Flexibility. Short-term stays allow property owners the opportunity to use their properties in between guests. Higher rental rates. Short-term rates have a higher potential to generate more revenue especially if you are in a very good location. You can increase your rates for every new set of guests. Less wear and tear.... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 26th January, 2022

How to Present Your House For Sale?

There are several things to consider before you put your property up for sale - one of them is presentation. While a very personal thing, selling your property means you have to strip your home of any traces of your taste and preferences before you allow future homeowners to view it. This way, they can further imagine how the space would work for them when they view the house. Below are some tips on how to present your house for sale. First impressions count. Even if there are other properties that seem larger or have better locations, if yours gave a memorable impression to... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 23rd January, 2022

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Your Property To Auction

 It creates competition Auctions can create a competitive bidding environment. Interested buyers might stretch themselves in competitive environments to purchase their dream home. In fact, this can be the biggest driver in achieving your premium price. Remember: competition fuels emotion. Related: How to bid at an auction Vendors are protected by the reserved price The vendor sets the reserve price with the agent prior to the auction and you don't have to sell unless the reserve is met or you're happy with the highest bid. Unconditional contract Once the hammer folds, the buyer is bound to an unconditional contract and an immediate exchange will take place.... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 20th January, 2022

What Are Off Market Listings and Why Should I Consider It For My Property?

One thing to consider when selling your property is off-market listings: these are properties for sale but aren't listed in several listing services. These are some of the reasons why people do off-market listings. They want to test the waters. First-time property owners who want to sell their homes usually have tons of hesitations, which is very understandable. Letting go of the first home they purchased feels like letting go of their firstborn to college. They would test the waters for a variety of reasons. Are they ready to let go of the property? Is the price comfortable? Are the processes involved... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 19th January, 2022

Suburb Profile: Reservoir

Just 10KM away from CBD, Reservoir is a community of mixed ages and life stages. It is known for being the ideal place for professionals and families with kids alike. The beautiful period houses add up to the charm of this suburb. But is Reservoir for you? Assess and find out by reading about the establishments surrounding the neighbourhood.   High Schools Reservoir High School Reservoir High believes that diversity adds to the richness and quality of the students' educational experience. William Ruthven Secondary College William Ruthven Secondary College is a single campus, co-educational secondary college, catering for Years 7 to 12.   Primary Schools Holy Name Primary School Holy... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 17th January, 2022

Rental Law Changes: 5 Most Important Things You Should Know

Here are the five biggest rental law changes you need to look out for before you sign your rental agreement. Rentals at a fixed price The first change is rentals can now be offered at a fixed price. Rental providers and agents cannot invite rental bids for higher rent. Property status disclosure Before signing a lease, the rental provider must disclose to a renter if the property is up for sale. This is done verbally and with Consumer Affairs Victoria. Pets The third rule change is pets now cannot be unreasonably refused. This means renters will, in many more cases, be able to bring their pets.... View article »
Posted in Blogs on 1st December, 2021