Contemplations on Beauty: The Art Scene in Bundoora

September 19, 2022
Contemplations on Beauty: The Art Scene in Bundoora

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

So says Spanish painter and sculptor, Pablo Picasso. And with how modern life is laid out in front of us, we can all agree that the dust of daily living has been burying us deep into our routines, leaving us barely even recognizing ourselves. But while the contemporary era offers plenty of chances for us to live out the best versions of ourselves, it does tend to get stressful and demanding. 

As proposed by the adage, art, may it be its production or admiration of it, may offer a repose that will allow us to regain control. So if you are someone who struggles as the dust settles, Bundoora offers the pause that you might be searching for.

Here are four places in Bundoora you can visit to admire and contemplate the artistry of Melbourne’s homegrown talents. 

Luma (La Trobe University Museum of Art)

Luma (La Trobe University Museum of Art)

Various Artists, Kingsbury Drive

Locals and suburb visitors alike can visit La Trobe University Museum of Art free of charge, and one need not be enrolled in the institution to be allowed to enter. 

While the museum is not in any way massive, Luma plays host to numerous works created by Australian artists within the state and the University’s rich collection.

Luma changes its exhibitions every 4-6 weeks.

Bundoora Homestead Art Centre

Bundoora Homestead Art Centre

Various Artists, 7 Prospect Hill Drive

Established back in 1900, Bundoora Homestead Art Centre was built in a Queen Anne-style Federation mansion.

Currently operating in full capacity, the Bundoora Homestead functions as a historic house, a café, and of course, an art gallery. The facility was certified by the National Trust and registered by Heritage Victoria and is primarily known as a home to craft exhibits and contemporary art curated and maintained by the City of Darebin. 

The facility enriches the experience through its public education program that conducts workshops, interviews with artists, and the Darebin Art Prize which takes place every two years. 

Visitors who want to take a piece of art from the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre can choose from the range of exhibit merchandise that is up for sale. 

Bundoora Australians Murals

Bundoora Australians Murals

Bundoora Traders Association and Peter van Breugel, Bundoora Square

The Bundoora Australians murals were unveiled back in 2007 with the Bundoora Traders Association’s aim of creating an art trail. The Association enlisted the genius of artist Peter van Breugel to render the gargantuan art pieces.  

The murals were created in two separate locations. The first one was placed at the entrance opposite Coles. It shows an artistic concept of what old Bundoora could have looked like. The mural also featured the Cockatoo and Kookaburra, endemic fauna to Bundoora.

The second mural is at Dennison Mall which shows the area’s landscape alongside its local animal life.

Wild Australian Gallery (Mosaics)

 Wild Australian Gallery (Mosaics)

Bundoora Traders Association and Bundoora Secondary School Students, Walkway, Dennison Mall

Also sponsored by the Bundoora Traders Association, the Wild Australian Gallery is composed of mosaics produced by students from the Bundoora Secondary School and their art teacher. 

Originally set up on the old fence lining up the establishment now known as the Dennison Mall, the Bundoora businesses opted to retain the pieces upon the area’s upgrade.

The Takeaway

While cafés and shops may fill one’s ego with plenty to enjoy, marveling at art offers food for the heart, mind, and soul enough to sustain a sense of joy for a long time. 

So when you’re in Bundoora and find yourself needing a different kind of experience, we invite you to visit these local wonders. 

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