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Dog Off Leash Parks in Alphington

December 6, 2022
Dog Off Leash Parks in Alphington

Walking with your dog doesn’t only improve their mental stimulation and their behavioral training. Walking your dog is also a good way to get yourself moving. Finding a place where you can let your dog walk off freely is quite difficult so we’ve rounded up a list of off-leash parks in Alphington you can visit.

Darebin Parklands Dog Off Leash Area

Darebin Parklands Dog Off Leash Area

2 Smith St, Alphington VIC, Australia

Darebin Parklands is a favorite among cycler fur parents as this spot is great for cycling as it offers bike tracks as well as off-road terrain if you’re up for a muddy ride. Dogs are also allowed to wander off-leash at this park. The creek flowing around the border is always open for a shallow swim too. Bring a towel with you as your furry friends might want to go for a quick dip too.

Coate Park Dog Off Leash Area

Pitcher Park Dog Off Leash Area

3 Separation Street,  Alphington, VIC 3078

Pitcher Park has improved over the years. On one side, there are lovely playgrounds in the area where kids can play toy trucks in the sand, on the other side is the grassy area where dogs can stroll and play around.

When moving to a suburb, one of the biggest considerations of a fur-parent is the environment for their pets too. Alphington having several off-leash parks might be a good option for you.

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