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Heidelberg Historical Landmarks

June 28, 2022
Heidelberg Historical Landmarks

Heidelberg is a safe and friendly area which makes it a popular choice for people of all ages. Locals have plenty of options when it comes to recreation and entertainment. Basic amenities such as hospitals, parks and shopping centers are also accessible and nearby. If that is the case, then what makes Heidelberg stand out compared to other suburbs?

In Heidelberg, it’s common to see old renovated houses. The presence of these architectural structures is complimentary with the greeneries of the suburb. With old houses in plain sight, the vibe in this suburb is reminiscent of immense Australian history. 

In this blog, we will walk you through the historical landmarks that you can quickly visit while in Heidelberg!

Banyule Homestead

This gothic-styled mansion is one of the landmark buildings in Heidelberg as it is one of the oldest surviving houses in Victoria.

The Heidelberg Historical Society and Museum

In this museum, artifacts on Heidelberg and its surrounding suburbs are preserved by professionals and students alike. 

Heidelberg School Artists Trail

This trail is a series of signs featuring the work of artists from The Heidelberg School. 

Cartmell Street Walkway

The murals in the laneway depict the rich history of testing cars up in Heidelberg in 1904. Cartmell Street Walkway is worth a side trip after grabbing a cup of tea or coffee at the cafe shops nearby.

Old England Hotel

Established in 1848, Old England Hotel is a charmer for foodies and artists alike. The significant contributions of the hotel to the history of Heidelberg are enough for people to continuously patronise the place.

Living in Heidelberg feels like living in the past and present. Residents of Heidelberg enjoy their everyday view filled with historical touches from the first people of Melbourne, while also enjoying the improvements and upgrades of the area.

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