How to Make an Offer on a Property

Fedja Bilic walks us through the process of making an offer on a property by providing us some valuable insights.

This video is a part of our Collings Tips series in our Youtube channel.


Tip 1: Attend the first open for inspection.

Aside from being among the first to inspect, you may also get the chance to get a lower offer as the vendor will most likely offer the property for a lower price.

Tip 2: Put in your offer quickly and early.

If you notice that there are any potential buyers, make a great first impression to the vendor and put your best offer. Be ahead of the possible competition. 

Tip 3: Ensure your offer is unconditional

Vendors are more likely to take the low offer with no conditions attached versus the offer with high offer and with more conditions attached, especially on the subject of finance. 

Tip 4: Offer your best price

Put your best foot forward. Don’t be scared to spend an extra $10r so that in 6 months time, you won’t look at the decision with big regrets. Don’t play games with the agent. Being honest with the agent shows that you are a genuine buyer and you’re not just window-shopping.

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Posted in Blogs on 1st February, 2021