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How to Present Your House For Sale?

January 23, 2022
How to present your house for sale

There are several things to consider before you put your property up for sale – one of them is presentation.

While a very personal thing, selling your property means you have to strip your home of any traces of your taste and preferences before you allow future homeowners to view it.

This way, they can further imagine how the space would work for them when they view the house.

Below are some tips on how to present your house for sale.

First impressions count.

  • Even if there are other properties that seem larger or have better locations, if yours gave a memorable impression to your potential buyer, you’re a front runner. Remember that selling a home isn’t about being luxurious or extravagant; it’s all about the potential each space could offer the future homeowners.

Declutter and de-personalise.

  • Viewing a space with personal effects will make it harder for potential buyers to connect to it. Make sure that you give them the freedom to imagine what it can be like if they were the ones who own the place.
    One more thing is to make the space clutter-free, especially smaller spaces. Having everything in its place and storage will make it look more spacious.

The big clean.

  • A big turn-off to a property being sold is if it comes off as a very unclean space. Cobwebs, dusty furniture, even stains on the wallpaper could make potential homeowners run the opposite way of a sale.

Make the most out of your outdoor space.

  • Once they go out of their car, the first thing they’ll see in your property is your outdoor space. Making an impression from the get-go will make them feel more excited to explore your home.

Simple repairs.

  • Apart from an unclean home, a “crumbling” house also sends future homeowners low-key running away to other options. A worn-out shelf that has one glass door broken, loose doorknobs, or the cracked marble countertop in the kitchen area; all these things should be taken care of before you open your house for viewing.

Presentation is key so get on with the cleaning and decluttering. Stage your property to be a blank canvas and help interested viewers to picture their future life. Prepare for the big sale.

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