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Kew East Suburb Profile

December 16, 2022
Kew East Suburb Profile

Kew East is a lovely suburb 8kms from Melbourne CBD. Locals of Kew East are confident that they are living their best lives in the suburb. With plenty of choices for schools, parks to explore and walk in, convenient public transport, what else can they ask for?

Kew East is great for families with children. Apart from the abundance of parks in the suburb, most school grounds are also open on weekends for kids to socialise and play. This suburb is a great community if you are raising children in their formative years. On weekends, kids are also strolling the vicinity of the suburb on their bikes, scooters or skateboards.

Retirees love Kew East for its vibe and serenity. It is a peaceful suburb with no nightlife – and the residents are here for it. On a typical day, you can spot the young children chatting and walking their way to school, while the elderly are tending to their gardens and exchanging pleasantries with mums and other residents. Every day in Kew East is a picture-perfect depiction of how community-minded and friendly the suburb is.

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