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Melbourne Apartment Hunting

November 9, 2022
Melbourne apartment hunting Melbourne is one of the most sought-after cities in Australia. This is followed by the fact that people from other cities (and other countries as well) flock to Melbourne to spend the most part of their lives. But just like in any other cities, buying a property in Melbourne is not an easy feat. Many test the waters first by renting out apartments before saving up for their first Melbourne home.

If you are looking into renting out an apartment in Melbourne, we have some tips for you. Choose your neighbourhood

Choose your neighbourhood

We’re talking about a big city here so every neighbourhood has a distinct characteristic that sets it apart from the others. 

  • Are you a beach bum? Williamstown, St. Kilda and Elwood are the popular choices for beach bums like you. But you must take note that properties in this neighbourhood are priced higher compared to others. 
  • Do you want to be close to where the action is? The premium of having an inner city address pays off well. Having more than ample choices when it comes to cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and other amenities is something that you would surely enjoy.
  • Are you a student on a budget? Footscray, Moonee Ponds and Yarraville are the go-to options for students on a budget. Cheap groceries are readily available in these suburbs along with their steadily affordable housing options. This part of the west has some of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in Melbourne.
Be clear on what you want

Be clear on what you want.

You could easily get swayed by the number of good options in the market so be sure to identify your non-negotiables. Narrow down your search by specifying your needs and wants. Create a must have vs a nice to have list where you could put criteria such as number of bedrooms, balcony, parking space, type of flooring, etc under the category where they belong.

Attend open houses

Attend open houses (to also get to know the agents.)

For sure, the best way to inspect your shortlisted properties is by attending their open house schedules. Aside from looking into the nitty gritty of the property, you can also take the opportunity to get to know the agents. Knowing the agents will give you the idea of what the property management style would be in case you close the deal with them or their team. 

Get notified through property alerts

Get notified through property alerts

Once you have shortlisted properties that fit your criteria, there would surely be real estate agents or agencies that would stand out. You may want to go directly to their website and sign up for property alerts. You surely don’t want to miss out on better options to include in your list. 

Prepare your requirements

Prepare your requirements

If at this point it isn’t clear yet: Melbourne’s rental market is hot and properties go fast. Make sure that you have everything prepared. Present the following as soon as you can and make sure that you got this in the bag, literally and figuratively:

  • Government-issued identification card
  • Proof of residency
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Proof of employment
  • Medicare card
  • Student card
  • Verification of employment and verification of income
  • Reference from a neighbour

Whether you are renting to test the waters in the neighbourhood first or in it for the long haul, apartment hunting shouldn’t add stress to your life. With thoughtful and well-executed plans, securing your Melbourne apartment is totally feasible.

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