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Richmond: The Coolest Neighbourhood in Australia

July 20, 2022
Richmond: The Coolest Neighbourhood in Australia

From being a discreet neighborhood in the 80s, Richmond has found its way to be one of the coolest neighborhoods in Australia. According to the poll conducted by TimeOut, Richmond was acclaimed as the 10th coolest neighbourhood in the country because of its bustling cafe and food culture.

Its diversity in population created an opportunity for businesses of different types to invest in Richmond. So whether you are a single young professional or a couple with kids, there will always be something that would suit your taste in this suburb. 

Richmond doesn’t only boast of its diverse populace. The people of Richmond are also known for sharing a tight-knit community. This is especially seen in the efforts of Richmond Churches Food Centre to feed the less fortunate for roughly 30 years now. 

The things mentioned above are already enough to wow anyone who’s looking to move to the suburb. But let us give you some more reasons to love Richmond:

It has the best stadium: Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground is not only used for test cricket and Australian Rules Football. It is also spacious enough to host other events for over one hundred thousand people.

It is the home of the Richmond Football Club for more than 130 years.

Also known as Richmond Tigers, this football club is one of the most popular AFL teams. 

It has a Little Saigon

Little Saigon will always be the go-to place for when they want a semblance of home. Victoria Street also known as Little Saigon in Richmond is popular for the Vietnamese establishments surrounding it. From fruits and vegetables, groceries, meat, fish or poultry, you can find something here. With plenty of fresh and affordable finds, It’s not surprising that Little Saigon has attracted not only the Asian community in the suburb but also non-Asian ones.

While Richmond is already a thriving community of its own, it is also a suburb that greatly connects you to anywhere in Melbourne. Just 3 kilometers east of Melbourne CBD, the suburb is without a doubt one the popular choices for someone who enjoys the inner city life while also being close to the city itself.

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