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Street Arts in Fitzroy

July 4, 2022
Street Arts in Fitzroy

Fitzroy is not only famous for being one of Melbourne’s oldest and smallest suburbs, but also as the Mecca of all things cool. Great transportation, interesting architecture, good selection of restaurants and bars, name it, Fitzroy has it. Surely, there is always something for everyone in Fitzroy, but it is especially attractive to young couples and students alike as they fit the vibrant and youthful ambiance of the suburb.

Fitzroy is the place to be if you are seeking a relaxed and chill atmosphere. Stroll through the street art in Napier St stretching through Johnston Street, witness live music and attend music festivals and share food with friends and family in the many fantastic restaurants and bars in this suburb. 

In this blog, we will virtually tour you in the awesome street arts that you will find in Fitzroy!

Street art by Matt Adnate & AWOL Crew

This art that speaks of many meanings created by Matt Adnate & AWOL Crew, shot by user wiredforlego on Flickr.

Fitzroy street art captured by wiredforlego on Flickr

This street art with half animals half humans caricatures, captured by user wiredforlego on Flickr.

Adventure Time by artist Mishap & Dopio

This corner street art inspired by Adventure Time by artist Mishap & Dopio, shot by user wiredforlogo on Flickr.

Fitzroy Street Art by Taylor White

This interesting mix of colours created by artist Taylor White, shot by user wiredforlogo on Flickr.

Fitzroy Hand Street Art

This hand street art captured by user Russell Charters on Flickr.

Harlem Globetrotters

This Harlem Globetrotters mural shot by user wiredforlogo on Flickr.

Fitzroy Street Art by Gent of SDM Crew

This cool mural by Gent of SDM Crew.

For art lovers, the streets of Fitzroy already serve as a public gallery. The showcase of talent seen in the streets of Fitzroy only proves that its residents are creative souls.

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