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Unwind and Catch Up With Friends in These Cafés in Abbotsford Pt. 2

September 28, 2022
Unwind and Catch Up With Friends in These Cafés in Abbotsford Pt. 2

Continuing with our effort to bring you the cafés to visit when you’re in Abbotsford, here are six that you just might find worthy of your time.

Cam's Cafe

Cam’s Cafe

Ground Floor Abbotsford Convent 1-16 Heliers Street, Abbotsford

A lo-fi kiosk in a corner of Abbotsford Convent, Cam’s Cafe serves a menu of egg dishes, toasted sandwiches, and soup all created through the suburb’s healthy and local produce. Customers would be thrilled to know that almost all of Cam’s Cafe’s products sell for under $10. 

On top of that, the café also sells wine and spirits all day long.

Convent Bakery

Convent Bakery

1 Saint Helliers Street, Abbotsford

A contemporary touch on the pristine greenery and Gothic confines of Abbotsford Convent, Convent Bakery offers a menu of breakfast and lunch alongside a colorful array of cakes, pastries, pies, and tarts. The bakery’s architecture, a marriage of stone and wood, fosters an austere ambiance that echoes a bygone era.

A true relic in the suburb, Convent Bakery uses vintage bread-baking methods with organic flour paired with organic coffee expertly roasted by its baristas. Just as rustic are Convent Bakery’s massive ovens that bake pizzas served throughout the evening.

The Farm Cafe

The Farm Cafe

18 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford

Starting with a single espresso machine and a trestle table, The Farm Cafe had grown into a classy and rustic full-service café flocked by an affluent and hip crowd. 

The café offers what it calls Farmer’s Breakfast, a plate blessed with a serving of bacon, eggs, mushrooms, pork sausage, potato cake, roasted tomato, and toast.

The Farm Cafe also offers a rich selection of pastries and salads that health nuts could get onboard.

Frankie Says

Frankie Says

15 Acacia Place, Abbotsford

A vintage structure that invites visitors to relax, Frankie Says boasts of a breakfast menu that excites customers with standout dishes like a buttermilk pancake, oven-baked pizzas, and hash browns among others. 

The lunch menu is equally interesting with prosecco, antipasto, and burgers. Frankie Says also serves a range of wines and cakes.

House of plants

House of Plants

366 Johnston Street, Abbotsford

As its name suggests, House of Plants brings together nature and the local’s love of coffee. 

Frequenters are always in awe of the establishment’s structure built with Victoria ash and white cypress. Inside, the café impresses with murals created by artist Chris Henderson, aka SIRHC.

House of Plants’ menu includes jaffles and coffee along with other pastries that serve to comfort and delight.

Rouleur Espresso

Rouleur Espresso

511 Victoria Street, Abbotsford

Standing true to its name, Rouleur Espresso specializes in espresso. But apart from that, the café also serves a variety of healthy pastries such as granola, and chia pudding alongside cakes and toasties. Corned beef numbers with sauerkraut, provolone, housemade pickles, and chipotle mayo are also available for health-conscious customers.

Good times call for good company. And with Abbotsford, you are guaranteed good cafés that are sure to create memories.

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