Walk, Unwind, Find Your Center: 5 Parks In Alphington You Should Visit Today

January 27, 2023

Walk, Unwind, Find Your Center: 5 Parks In Alphington You Should Visit Today

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, the current professional terrain is sucking the life out of us. We spend hours in front of our phones and laptops, trying to chase deadlines that do not seem to end. 

For the modern mind that is never really at ease, breaking away from our self-imposed isolations is an idea rarely entertained. What we do not realize is that repose need not be done on a far-off island or resort. Sometimes all you have to do is step outside and start walking. 

If you happen to be in Alphington and with downtime to spare, we recommend you visit these 5 parks within the suburb: Alphington Park, Pitcher Park, Alphington Wetlands, Darebin Parklands, and Coate Park.

Alphington Park

Alphington Park

28 Parkview Rd, Alphington VIC 3078, Australia

A lush flower bed, expansive lawns, massive playing fields, and a children’s playground are only a few of the notable features that Alphington Park has on offer.  

Park goers can lavish in the garden and go walking beside the wetlands and old swimming pool. Parents can bring their kids to the well-maintained playground, sit by the wooden benches, and get lost in the pages of a novel they’ve been itching to finish. The forest area is a middle ground between the wild and the wholesome. Its well-manicured lawns are perfect for family picnics while the untamed patch of wilderness invites them to explore. The Fairfield boathouse takes park visitors under the Chandler Bridge and past Coate Park, making for a soothing boat ride. 

For those who keep active lifestyles, Alphington offers a cycling area, a sporting oval, and a bowling club.  

Pitcher Park


Separation St & Keith St, Alphington VIC 3078, Australia

Pitcher park had grown into one of the most well-developed and well-maintained parks in Melbourne. The park is ideal for the sports-minded and the physically active.

A leisure park by every definition, Pitcher Park’s grounds are consistently-trimmed and primed for the North Alphington Cricket Club and Paradise Amateur Football Club’s next games.

A playground is also set in place for couples who would be bringing their kids for an afternoon stroll.  

Alphington Wetlands

Alphington Wetlands

1 View St, Alphington VIC 3078, Australia

Alphington Wetlands is frequented by families, couples, and youngsters for its long trail that stretches well into the Yarra River. The trail is also perfect for dog owners who prefer walking their pets amongst the greenery made cool on a hot summer’s day by the generous shade of the old towering trees. 

Visitors will also be entertained by the abundant birdlife as they stroll, cycle, or have a picnic by the old, quaint swimming hole.

Darebin Parklands

Darebin Parklands

Separation St, Alphington VIC 3078, Australia

Near all conveniences of the city but far enough to be isolated from its hustle and bustle, Darebin Parklands today teems with wildlife. 

This well-maintained natural bushland is an ideal place for relaxation for all people from all walks of life. Darebin Parklands has been developed to a tee to include friendly bike paths and walking tracks. 

Through the stewardship of committees of management, Darebin and Banyule Councils, visitors are ensured of their safety through the designation of park rangers.

Coate Park

Coate Park

Rex Ave, Alphington VIC 3078, Australia

Referred to as a hidden gem, Coate Park is an unrestrained and untamed reserve that bursts with life. Visitors can admire the rich foliage-lined trails and the massive trees that aimlessly reach for the sky and beautifully frame the park.

Family-friendly and easily accessible, you don’t have to wait for the weekend to go and experience the wild, but calming nature of Coate Park.

We’re Waiting For You!

Regardless of the life you lead, these parks will surely offer you the calm and joy your weary mind needs. So if you happen to be in Alphington and looking for some peaceful and wholesome time, these five parks are waiting for you!

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