What are The Pros and Cons of Building your own Home


Control and customisation

If you want pink walls, you got it. If you want marble benchtops, you got it. You have the ability to sit down with your architect and develop a design brief to exactly how you want it. Building your home is a complete customisation control.

It’s brand new

Moving into a home where you know no one has ever lived in gives you the reassurance that you’re the first to use every appliance, the first to have a shower, the first to even go to the toilet. If you decide to sell your property in five years time, your property is only five years old. In property years, that’s nothing.



Distance from the CBD

Unless you have millions of dollars to spend, the likelihood of you purchasing something in the CBD where you’re going to build your dream home is not that likely. A lot of buyers are having to move out farther away from the city to get exactly where they want

Land size

In this day and age, land size is becoming far more hard to obtain, the larger you go. Therefore, when you are building your own home, you are going to have to settle for something smaller, which may not appeal as much to buying something second hand as larger. Keep these in mind when building your own home because the bigger the land, the more money you’re gonna spend.

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Posted in Blogs on 20th April, 2021