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Why Invest in a Reservoir Property

July 15, 2022
Why invest in a Reservoir Property?

It is one of the most affordable suburbs in Melbourne 

Reservoir is still considered as one of the most affordable suburbs in Melbourne. Having an investment property in the suburb is already a good deal given its proximity to Melbourne’s CBD which is just 12kms away. From traditional family homes, to townhomes and apartments, there is surely something that would fit for anyone who wishes to invest in this area. A property in Reservoir is attractive especially to first time home buyers as it gives them an entry point to the Melbourne real estate market.

All roads lead to Reservoir

Reservoir is a convenient suburb with three available train stations nearby: Regent, Reservoir and Ruthven railway stations. Alternatively, if you ride a bike, bike lanes and trails are also available to ensure your safety. Transportation is an essential factor in shortlisting ideal properties and Reservoir tops this one.

The R in Reservoir means “relaxing”

One more reason why Reservoir is a popular choice for families, young couples and downsizers is its relaxing vibe. Reservoir is a suburb surrounded by rich gardens and parks which are perfect spots for picnics. While the luscious space in this suburb is an instant hit to families, it is also an appealing choice to the growing population of independent singles in the area.

Reservoir is the biggest suburb in Melbourne by land area. It only means that while there are already established businesses in the suburb, there would still be improvements in the upcoming years. So if you are thinking of investing in a Reservoir property, do it now. The improvements in the suburb will surely change the market dynamics. Let Collings Real Estate assist you. Fill out our contact form or send an email to

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