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203/8 Breavington Way, Northcote: Finding the Unique in a List of Similar Properties

October 26, 2022
203/8 Breavington Way, Northcote

How would you sell a property with the same amenities as the others listed in the market – in the same building?

It takes an experienced real estate agent to approach this situation through a creative manner. “The chosen method of sale was the private sale method. The reasoning behind this was due to the fact that there were two other 1-bedroom apartments currently on the market from the same building.” says Caleb Pikoulas, real estate agent of Collings Real Estate. Private sale method is the best approach for 203/8 Breavington Way, Northcote as its price is a clear reflection of its current market value.

203/8 Breavington Way, Northcote

“The property itself was styled by Collings for the duration of the sale campaign. The reason behind this was to give the buyers an accurate representation of the size of the apartment.” Caleb’s approach is brilliant not only because they were able to showcase the size of the apartment, through property styling, potential buyers were also able to differentiate the property against the other similar properties listed in the same building.

The styled property was filmed and shot to arrange a 3D virtual tour. This strategy turned out well and garnered a total of 112,000 views through Collings’ social media platforms.

203/8 Breavington Way, Northcote 203/8 Breavington Way, Northcote

Even though the sales campaign is quite challenging, the property was only listed in the market for 3 weeks or 21 days. There were a total of 19 groups that attended the 5 inspections all throughout the sale campaign. “There was nothing out of the ordinary about the deal. All of the buyers were pleasant to deal with and offered 30 days of settlement.” says Pikoulas. It helped that units in Acacia Apartments are greatly desired for its location. Situated in a well-positioned area overlooking All Nations Park and with cafes in short distance, units in Acacia Apartments are truly worthy of one’s considerations.

“In this instance there was just one buyer who made an offer which we negotiated with. They were actually from interstate and it was really a smooth process.”

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