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3 Brunswick Op-shops You Need to Visit Today

August 22, 2022
3 Brunswick Op-shops You Need to Visit Today

Tessa has been frequenting thrift shops for as long as she can remember. She’d pick going to a second-hand store over going to the local mall. The finds Tessa comes across become instant conversation pieces once she gets them home. Tessa is among the many Aussies who have grown to love the culture of thrift shops because of the novelty and affordability these offers. But another type of second-hand shop has been getting Tessa’s attention of late, and this is the op-shop. 

Just a short way of saying Opportunity Shop, an op-shop is a store that sells second-hand items with the proceeds channeled towards charity. Easily put, it’s a noble way to shop: you get to find items that might tickle your fancy or are entirely useful at reasonable prices while helping people in need.

If you live in Brunswick or happen to be in the vicinity, you might want to check out these three op-shops within the suburb.

Brotherhood Of St Laurence Community Stores, 109 Brunswick Rd

Shopping at the Brotherhood Of St Laurence Community Stores allows you to help raise funds for charity work. The store offers a wide range of goods like furniture, collectibles, and clothing items. 

St Laurence Community Stores stands by its name as a community where people can find support through its steady generation of jobs, opportunity to do volunteer work, and friendly connection established through day-to-day conversation with staff.

Savers Brunswick, 330 Sydney Rd

The ultimate branch of the popular Savers chain, Savers Brunswick has a generous offering of second-hand furniture, books, electronic appliances, and the like. But what gets people’s attention is Savers Brunswick’s clothing selection.

The store offers competitive pricing. By becoming a member, you can avail of 50% discounts on select days. On top of that, you can sell stuff you no longer want to keep at good prices for a cause. 

Save The Children, 478 Sydney Rd

Quality vintage is what drives the sales at Save The Children. Clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, name it, the store has it. The funds that will be raised from the sale of these are directed to development programs and emergency aid for children not only in Australia but across the entire world.  

But what sets it apart from the rest of the op-shops in the suburb is its active online bookstore that offers more than 5,000 second-hand books. If you can purchase books for up to $30, delivery will be free. All the proceeds for these books will go to child healthcare, education, and protection.

These three op-shops are among the many notable thrift shops in Brunswick that are worth the visit. So go ahead, see one of them to score something you might like and get the chance to help someone in need.

The strong community spirit in Brunswick is quite evident in these specialty shops.  A community can only be as happy and fulfilled as its people.

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