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Suburb highlight: Preston Market

July 28, 2022
Suburb highlight: Preston Market

In its 50 years of existence, Preston Market has established itself as one of the institutions of Melbourne. Preston Market is a privately owned establishment and has no official heritage value linked to it. But for the people, it doesn’t need one as it continues to serve the community eversince its establishment in the 1970.

Preson Market has gone through different changes since. From being a European-centric market, it has shifted to being a multicultural one and adapting to the needs of the growing diverse population of the city. As more and more migrants continue to flock to Melbourne, Preston Market did its part to adapt and carry on. The market just keeps on growing and improving, catering to the needs of the people and contributing to the reasons why Melbourne is a great place to live.

Old Preston Market-1 Photo source: Old Preston Market-2 Photo source: Old Preston Market-3 Photo source:

Today, Preston market is the second largest fresh food market in Melbourne with approximately 80,000 visitors a week and home to a over 130 stalls. Of course, just like in every other market, the early bird catches the freshest produce. People of all ages flock to Preston Market but if you’re going to ask of what’s to really love about the place, it would all just boil down to three:

  1. The fresh produce at an affordable price
  2. The many options of ethnic delicacies
  3. The superb pizza options, taste and price-wise

If to some, Preston Market is just a place for these, to the dense population of Greek and Italian immigrants, this place is a close semblance of home. Preston Market exudes the multiculturality of Melbourne with establishments trading not only local produce but also imported products from other countries including Sri Lanka and Spain.

Surely, there are other fairly pleasant markets in Melbourne aside from Preston Market. But what makes it the popular choice for many is its myriad commodities.

Preston is a suburb well-loved by its community for its amenities that bring the people closer together. Many are looking for properties in this suburb and this is just one of the reasons why. Whether you are a buyer or a seller in Preston, we’ll be happy to assist you. Fill out our contact form or call us directly at  +61 3 9486 2000.

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