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3 Childcare Centers in Clifton Hill

October 19, 2022
Childcare centers in Clifton Hill

Replete with Victorian and Edwardian homes, Clifton Hill is a picturesque suburb with all the comfort and advantages of modern living. 

From shopping strips to efficient transportation, Clifton Hill performs well as a convenient place of residence. 

But apart from its commercial areas and living spaces of historic character, Clifton Hill is inviting to families in their generous offerings of childcare centers. The suburb understands the challenges parents encounter day-to-day as they try to earn a living and chart a life of comfort for their kids.

If you’re a parent thinking of ways to keep working while your children are being cared for, here are three childcare centers you may want to check out.

Goodstart Clifton Hill – Childcare Centre

Smartly-situated in one of Clifton Hill’s thickly populated areas, Goodstart Clifton Hill – Childcare Centre is close to the main roads where transportation are frequent and the schools and local shops are thriving. The center boasts of a beautiful old Victorian building that plays host to quality childcare.

The Preschool rooms care for kids six weeks to five years old. The rooms are staged in such a way that they reflect the facility’s  Early Years Learning Framework curriculum. Through what it calls Storypark, Goodstart is able to establish ties with parents to assure them of children’s needs.

Petit Early Learning Journey

Located in Hoddle St, Petit Early Learning Journey’s philosophy is reflected in its six core beliefs:

  1. Learning is an active process, a keystone to play-based pedagogy
  2. Partnering with families fosters strong reciprocal relationships
  3. Teaching teams should engage with contemporary pedagogies
  4. The Learning environment is a place of potential and possibility
  5. Connection with community supports health and wellbeing
  6. Every child is capable, resourceful, and a constructor of their own knowledge 

These are representative of Petit ELJ’s identity and trajectory, one that puts their client’s children first. Parents are thus assured that their children’s welfare is in the right hands.

Walker Street Community Kindergarten

At the core of Walker Street Community Kindergarten’s services is its aim at inculcating a sense of wonder and drive to learn in the children they educate. 

In accordance to this goal, the learning environment at Walker Street Community Kindergarten is vibrant, creative, and motivating. The staff allows kids to exercise curiosity and self-expression. Independence and confidence are virtues that the facility’s programs work on conscientiously to uphold. 

Strategically situated on a residential street in the suburb, Walker Street Community Kindergarten work closely with parents to ease a child’s transition from home to kindergarten. This the facility does by honing a diverse and dynamic range of experiences that allow the kids to be themselves with utmost courage.

With these three childcare centers, Clifton Hill parents are assured that their children are getting the education they need and the guidance they deserve.

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