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The Best of Nature in Clifton Hill

October 12, 2022
The best of nature in Clifton HIll

Life has never been this demanding in history. Life in lockdown didn’t exactly help alleviate it. For what it’s worth, being stuck in front of the screen daily increased feelings of apprehension and the pressure brought about by other people’s achievements posted daily. 

Rarely do people make the effort to explore nature that is readily available to them. Sure, traveling has always been in their sights every time local lockdowns seem to ease. But a stroll in the park? It’s usually seen as routine-mundane, nothing really special, or something to look forward to. But these 3 parks in Clifton Hill will turn a common walk in the park into a meditative experience. 


Merri Creek Trail

This Queens Parade trail was made to cater to both cyclists and pedestrians. It goes along Merri Creek and runs north of Victoria.

Merri Creek Trail artistically winds across the suburb starting at Dights Falls, it sneaks into Merri Creek’s point of entry to the Yarra River. Vibrant housing estates, gardens, horse paddocks, and athletic ovals abound in this vast and rich reserve that makes no attempts at taming its teeming nature. 

The trail also frames Coburg Lake which takes care of ducks and welcomes families in its rich atmosphere. Merri Creek Trail is exuberant with its weeping willows and grasslands where people can unwind and have picnics. 


The Quarries Park

Located in Ramsden St, the Quarries Park at Clifton Hill is a cluster of parks and sports grounds linked by shared paths lining the suburb. 

Quarries Park is abundant with expansive grass areas that hold fields for football, cricket, and soccer games.

The park also plays host to family-oriented activities and offers a pleasant view of the urban horizon.


Darling Gardens

A gem of green earth on Gold Street, Darling Gardens stands by its name as it exudes a vintage charm. A place of quite a reverie, the park is replete with wide lawns that have been beautifully maintained for people’s enjoyment. Its shaded avenues provide comfort from the blistering heat of summer.

Darling Gardens is a true darling as it provides rich grounds for kids to play in, making it a favorite among family and friends.


Exuberant in its many green spaces, Clifton Hill thrives with life and is generous in its peaceful pause from the hullabaloo of the daily demands of modern-day Metropolitan living. So if you feel like drowning in an ocean of stress, remember, Clifton Hill’s many green spaces are here to offer you a sweet repose.   

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