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3 Reasons Why Brunswick East is one of Melbourne’s Cultural Suburbs

July 25, 2022
3 Reasons Why Brunswick East is one of Melbourne's Cultural Suburbs

Initially seen as a semi-industrial hub with its massive warehouses, workshops, and factories, Brunswick East has grown into popularity as a highly-cultural suburb. 

Subjected to fast gentrification efforts of recent years, Brunswick East has been experiencing notable changes with several industrial sites transformed into residential and retail areas. 

Lifestyle has become a driving force in Brunswick East’s development. This being in the cards, Brunswick East is now a go-to cultural place that boasts of multiple delights. 

Here are 3 notable things that Brunswick East offers that make it a cultural hub you would want to visit:

A Community of Sustainability

A sustainable life is at the very core of living in Brunswick East. The suburb is host to the CERES urban farm and grocery, a community garden, urban farm and social enterprise center, and environmental education hub. Through the center, residents are able to learn everything from basic gardening to climate change. 

On top of that, all the suburb’s amenities can easily be reached by walking, doing away with the need for vehicles that require gas-powered vehicles.

Exciting Bars and Wineries

The bars at Brunswick East are replete of various wines and cocktails. It is home to the Noisy Ritual, a vineyard where visitors can witness how wine is made from actual grapes. 

Here, you can also find Atticus Finch for cocktails, Bouvier for whiskey, and beer at the Temple Brewing Co, and Alchemy Brewing. 

A Thriving Music Scene 

The Independent Music scene is alive with the suburb’s community radio station, the 3RRR. Meanwhile, The B.East and Whole Lotta Love are places where bands can play live music.

These features make up the triumvirate of fun in Brunswick East. But mind you, these are just a few of the suburb’s fine offerings. There are more things in the area that complete its picture as a highly-cultural suburb. 

Brunswick East is one of the fastest emerging suburbs in Victoria, so it’s not surprising that interested buyers are flocking to see and experience the beauty of the suburb firsthand. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, reach out to us and let’s make your real estate process a smooth one. Fill out our contact form or call us directly at +61 3 9486 2000.

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