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The Development of Sustainable Homes in Brunswick East

August 24, 2022
The Development of Sustainable Homes in Brunswick East

Brunswick East is a suburb in Melbourne consisting of residential and commercial spaces. An inner-city suburb that’s roughly a few miles north of the central business district, it is known for vibrant city culture and easy access to several essential services and leisure establishments,

Many people find themselves moving to Brunswick East and embracing the increasing number of sustainable homes. 

Sustainable homes aren’t just a trend these days, it’s also a part of a movement toward a healthier lifestyle. Apart from our bodies, we also have to make sure that the spaces we inhabit are also healthy.

A sustainable home respects nature. It optimizes water and energy that the property uses, and includes the use of low-impact but high-performance materials.

So what makes a sustainable home?

Solar design

Consciously designing the spaces with respect to the environment it’s in or surrounded by and create way more efficient spaces that highly take advantage of the sunlight bringing warmth and light into your home.

High-performance windows

Believe it or not, windows also play a huge role in making a house a sustainable one. You can tailor fit it based on the climate in which you live in.

Energy-efficient appliances

It’s also a great thing that most appliance manufacturers also make sure that the products they sell are energy-efficient. It not only increases the shelf life of the products, but it also helps conserve energy and save up on bills.

Energy solutions

Solar panels and as mentioned in one of the previous items in this article, high-performance windows that can help control the light and temperature in a room are all part of energy solutions.

Brunswick East is a beautiful suburb in inner Melbourne supporting developments of sustainable home that is ideal for singles, families, and professionals. Whether you are looking into buying or selling a property in Brunswick East, Collings is here to help. Discuss your requirements with our team of real estate professionals by filling out our contact form. You can also send us an email at or call us directly at +61 3 9486 2000.

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