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3 Standout Specialty Stores in Ivanhoe You Need to Visit Today!

August 3, 2022
Standout specialty stores in Ivanhoe you need to visit today

Kylie has just moved to Ivanhoe and was wondering what part of the suburb she could start exploring. Despite sharing a name with a famous Aussie pop star, Kylie’s life is not as vibrant as other 20-something girls like her tend to be. It’s not that she frowns upon the spectacle that social media has to offer or the throbbing allure of the Melbourne nightlife. No. That’s not how it is. Kylie prefers the quiet character of humble Victoria and what its high culture has in store. Kylie finds enjoyment in visiting specialty stores.

And that is something that Ivanhoe can deliver. 

If you’re visiting the suburb or already living there but have yet to catch a change of scene, these three specialty stores might just be something you can fancy.


Caffe Strada

Seen by many as the best coffee in all of Ivanhoe, Caffe Strada also serves a variety of food that is traditionally European. 

Apart from that, Caffe Strada offers catering services for parties and events. The cafe serves up a range of pastries, cakes, and other savory foods expertly made by its team of chefs. But what gets the attention of its patrons is Caffe Strada’s 100% Gluten-Free menu.


Voyager Music & Video

A relic of its time but still going strong, Ivanhoe’s Voyager Music & Video is a shop that sells new DVDs and Blu-Rays and used ones for low prices. 

The store boasts not only of its somewhat dated offerings but also its efficient and amiable service. It is the only rental DVD store to still be standing in Ivanhoe and among the few in the entirety of Melbourne. The store allows its patrons to listen to music privately before purchasing an album–something that hits right at the nostalgia. 

If you’re looking for a semblance of how the music and video industry once was, then Voyager Music & Video is the place to be.


Chocolatier Australia

Established by brothers David and John Grisold in 1985, what is known today as Chocolatier Australia was then called, “Diamond Creek Chocolate Company.” The brothers were inspired to set up shop in light of their influence while growing up in a family that manufactured food for the hospitality industry. David and John decided to make premium, designer chocolates for airlines and top-tier hotels in the country.

While staying loyal to the hospitality sector, the product range evolved to include chocolates for Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.


So there you have it, three specialty shops in Ivanhoe that are simply too interesting to pass up. If you happen to be in the suburb looking for alternative ways to amuse yourself, we recommend that you check these stores out.  Or perhaps having these specialty stores around is the ultimate deciding factor to move to this suburb. Give us a call at + 61 3 9486 2000 and let’s discuss your requirements!

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