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Ivanhoe Reading Circle

September 9, 2022
Ivanhoe Reading Circle

Ivanhoe is known as the suburb of a great culture is influenced by the historical events in this suburb – one that has been recently celebrated is the 100th anniversary of Ivanhoe Reading Circle.

Ivanhoe Reading Circle is a literary book club based in Ivanhoe. They have been meeting continuously for the last 100 years. Not even the pandemic has stopped them from doing so. They conducted their meetings via Zoom during the lockdown. 

The group was established in 1920 and brought bookworms together. Several readers have been members for 50-79 years already, which says a lot about their commitment to the group. The members of this small community serve as companions for each other by discussing the books they have read. The discussions on each piece of literature revolve around the political and social ideas of the members who have read it. Joining this group provides an opportunity for bookworms to be introduced to books they haven’t thought of reading. The meetings are open to everyone for questions and discussions. Although there are some provocative discussions once in a while, all meetings end on a harmonious note.


At present, Ivanhoe Reading Circle has 28 members. They continuously meet once a month every Tuesday night to discuss the texts from their book of the month.

Truly, the hobbies of the populace say a lot about the suburb. The thriving community of Ivanhoe Reading Circle only proves that Invahoe is indeed a suburb of culture.

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