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5 Reasons Why Your Property May Not be Selling

June 11, 2021

Unrealistic price

A strong seller’s market should not mean that a vendor should not set their price sale above comparable sales.

Poor presentation

Buyers will disregard purchasing a home if the presentation is poor. This might mean things such as cleanliness, a neat and tidy garden and a well-maintained kitchen.

Increasing Price

Increasing your price after listing the property. Keep your expectations realistic and stick to your plan.

Lack of photos and photo quality

As much as possible, buyers want to see what they can expect before actually doing inspections. It would help them decide if they would like to consider the property or not. Help the buyers make up their mind with attractive photos of your property.

No web presence

Increasing your web presence online opens you up to a whole new market of buyers. Unfortunately with local newspaper, they don’t do the job anymore. Cutting corners in marketing will do you harm more than good.

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