What to Avoid When Selling Your Home

As soon as you decided that you will sell your property, appoint an agent sooner rather than later.

You're gonna find that the agent is gonna work on the property prior to launching to the market and therefore could achieve an off-market sale which means less cost, less time, more money in your pocket.

Set realistic expectations to what your property is worth.

Everyone loves their property. Everyone has an emotional connection to their property. But when you launch your property to the market, it's crucial that you don't set the price too high. Setting a price too high will not get you into a sale. So when you're launching your property to the market, look at the comparable sales, look what's sold in the area, and tell yourself, "This is what I want but this is what I should spend."

When it comes to marketing, do not cut corners.

There is a direct correlation to the amount of exposure you will achieve in your property, to the price you will achieve at the end of the campaign.

So when you discuss with your agent what's going to work best for you, ensure that there are particular marketing efforts in place that enhance your property's look, feel and aura. Because at the end of the day, the more views, the higher the price, the more money in your pocket.

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Posted in Blogs on 8th April, 2021