Bars in High Street Northcote Part 2

November 29, 2022
Bars in High Street, Northcote (Part 2)

When talking about bars in High Street, publishing one blog is just not enough to cover all our favorites. In this blog, we have listed more that are worthy mentioning.

Oh Loretta

Oh Loretta

Regulars love Oh Loretta for offering only the freshest dishes everyday. Their menu changes on the daily using ingredients that were picked up from markets earlier in the same morning. Oh Loretta is also thoughtful to have both vegan and non-vegan menu options Their wine list is exemplary and served by staff with knowledge and interest.

Back Mulligan

Buck Mulligan

There’s nothing more exciting than whiskey and cigar nights at Buck Mulligan as this whiskey bar has an extensive selection of whiskeys from around the world. On the other hand, if whiskey is not your first choice, they also serve beers, wines cocktails and bar snacks – in fact, regulars  love the taste of their Guiness on tap. You are always welcome to grab a book from their display. Or if you are with friends, their board and card games are also available for you to play with.

Wesley Anne

Wesley Anne

Wesley Anne is a bar that has so much personality. This low-lit bar and restaurant is a former church location. Now, the place is known for having amazing pub grubs, craft beer and live music. Regulars go here for their kangaroo dishes such as kangaroo tacos and kangaroo steaks. Wesley Anne is also a great venue for music and poetry. On some days, they host trivia nights too. 

High Street is one of Melbourne’s oldest shopping street. The way it is now is very different from how it was before. It had gone through a huge development over the years. Amazingly, remnants of its past are still there and definitely adds character to its present look. At present, Northcote locals head to High Street for shopping, bar hopping and dining in.

High Street is just one of the charms of Northcote. Many are flocking to this suburb because of its notable local amenities. So if you are looking into buying or selling your property in Northcote, reach out to us and we’d love to help. Send us an enquiry at or give us a call at +61 3 9486 2000. 

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