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Because First Impressions Last: Increasing Your Curb Appeal on a Budget

October 25, 2022
Because First Impressions Last: Increasing Your Curb Appeal on a Budget

One of the first things prospective homebuyers notice when looking at a property is its curb. And it is not without incident as it is what leads our eyes to the actual property. So when your curb renders your façade picturesque, you already have a win.

Called Curb appeal, this regard for a property’s aesthetics pertains to the overall attractiveness of a home that stretches from the sidewalk to the front porch.  

So if you are thinking of making a lasting impression on your potential buyers, it would be wise to invest in improving how your curb looks. And contrary to what people may initially think, doing so need not be expensive. 

This article details five ways by which you can increase your curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Coat Your Front Door With Fresh Paint

Coat Your Front Door With Fresh Paint

Painting your door a new colour or blessing its existing one with a fresh coat automatically revitalizes your front area. Depending on the colour or hue you would want to paint your front door with, making the effort revives and brightens up the space, making it more inviting.

Of course, whatever colour you choose should coordinate and complement your exterior’s present paint job. If you have money to spare, you may also opt to align the colour of the entire façade to that of the door.

It is up to you to determine the best colours to paint when selling your home. Colour coordination serves the purpose of not just making your house aesthetic and vibrant, but also attractive to your intended audience.  

Plant a tree

Plant a Tree

A move that would serve both your resell value and the environment, planting trees on your lawn is an economic and eco-friendly way of beautifying your curb. 

It is advisable for you to look for fast-growing trees that you will commit to religiously watering and fertilizing according to season. 

And don’t stop with just one. As long as you think it will fit without crowding the view of the curb, you can plant two or more trees to bless your lawn. In addition, cleaning and trimming your lawn is encouraged to complete the look.

Mind your windows

Mind Your Windows

Window boxes are great additions to your existing windows. These will give your house a colourful accent. What’s delightful about this idea is that the vibrant hues will come not only from the paint you will choose to coat it with but also from the flowers and plants you will place in them.

Another way to improve how your window looks is by installing window shutters. This will give symmetry to the exteriors, giving them balance, added dimension, and personality. In general, shutters should have the same height as the window’s trim. However, should it not have any function other than for pure design, be sure to have it at 25% to 50% of the width of the window. 

Clean your exteriors

Clean Your Exteriors

The most practical and cost-effective advice from our list, cleaning your exteriors instantly renews how your curb looks. Make sure to clean your lawn, driveway, fences, gutters, or whatever else that looks soiled, old, and neglected thoroughly. You can scrub exterior tiles or concrete with soap and water or if you can afford it, use a pressure cleaner. For driveways, it is advisable to use a degreaser first before performing a pressure wash.

Install lighting

Install Lighting

Be it for mood or protection, installing lights on your porch adds a notable feature to your exteriors. For this, you would want to pick fixtures that are not merely updated but altogether complementary to the style of your house. For cheap sources, you may check out salvage yards or flea markets. These places are great venues to find standout pieces that might add more personality to your home. 

Remake Your Exterior’s Image

Increasing your Curb appeal allows you to add or highlight the value of the property you are trying to sell. But remember, making the necessary additions, changes, or shifts does not have to cost you too much. Provided you have the eye, resourcefulness, and confidence to remake the image of your exteriors according to your vision, you will be able to find alternatives that will surely realize it without breaking the bank.

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