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Catch Up With Friends and Have a Good Time In These 4 Cafes In Clifton Hill

February 7, 2023

Cafes In Clifton Hill

From business meeting venues to hip, Instagrammable hang-out places, cafes have become popular go-to places for a day in town to catch up with friends or enjoy personal time.

In Clifton Hill, cafes find a vibrant and charming backdrop in the thickness of the suburb’s commercial area. By itself, Clifton Hill is alive with the meeting of nature and modernity. 

The structures that house these cafes are a mix of industrial, contemporary, and heritage establishments that reflect Clifton Hill’s personality. If you’re looking for the suburb’s most well-reviewed ones for their food, beverage, and ambiance, here are some Clifton Hill cafes you should visit today:

  • Mixed Business
  • Rubber Duck Cafe
  • Uncle Drew Cafe
  • Dirty Apron Cafe

Mixed Business, Clifton Hill

Mixed Business

486 Queens Parade, 

Clifton Hill, 

Victoria 3068 Australia

+61 3 9486 1606

Its well-crafted and tasty brews are matched with an impressive menu composed of mains, sides, and desserts that are curated to a tee. The ingredients are fresh and carefully picked, including a selection of organic items for its vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

All food preparation and presentation have been meticulously constructed, making for aesthetically satisfying arrangements that give off a lavish vibe without the vertigo-inducing price tags. 

That said, Mixed Business has something for everyone, making it one of the most wholesome cafes in Melbourne. 

Rubber Duck Cafe, Clifton Hill

Rubber Duck Café

139 Queens Parade, 

Clifton Hill,

Victoria 3068 Australia

+61 3 9481 7489

While its name is far from serious-sounding, Rubber Duck Café’s menu is a notable and strong line of refined and fast food dishes that customers of all ages are sure to enjoy.

Each dish has been carefully crafted for exquisite taste and aesthetic presentation, and all the items on the menu are enticing and truly gratifying. 

The restaurant also serves vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options for the more health-loving eaters.

Rubber Duck Café’s coffee menu is a roster of expertly brewed and crafted coffee that can be consumed onsite or on the go. Wherever the coffee drinker chooses to consume the cup, they are assured of a great coffee experience.

Uncle Drew Cafe, Clifton Hill

Uncle Drew Café

23 Groom St, 

Clifton Hill,

Victoria 3068 Australia

+61 3 9489 2077

Said to be a great find of such a small gem of a café in the suburb, Uncle Drew Café offers a menu of colorful and well-thought-out breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The food line is made of traditional and organic choices that are not only healthy but also tasty.

The selection is made of hearty breakfast plates, bread, salads, meats, and vegetarian and vegan meals. Uncle Drew also offers a range of hot and cold beverages such as brewed coffee, fruit juices, and several alcoholic drinks.

Customers also laud Uncle Drew for efficient and highly-personable service, keeping them engaged and inviting them to keep coming back.   

Dirty Apron Cafe, Clifton Hill

Dirty Apron Café

47 Ramsden St, 

Clifton Hill, 

Victoria 3068 Australia

+61 3 94813950

Unlike its creative name, Dirty Apron Cafe offers a neat and cool dining experience. The food is served in the most modish arrangements that will give fine dining restaurants a run for their money. 

The coffee is brewed to perfection, with several customers attesting to a great taste that never fails.

On top of that, the staff is amiable and approachable, allowing customers to make requests with ease. And while the Dirty Apron is tucked away, the competent service and good food are enough reasons for people to seek it while they’re in Clifton Hill. 

These Clifton Hill Cafes are Waiting For You!

If you’re in Clifton Hill and looking to have a memorable time in the suburb with friends, these cafes will definitely deliver. 

Invite your friends or family to any of these cafes and lavish in the new memories you can create from dining in them.

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