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Collingwood Suburb Profile

December 19, 2022
Collingwood Suburb Profile

Although recognized as one of the oldest suburbs in Melbourne, Collingwood acclimates well with the times. Sure, there are still traces of history, but the whole vibe of the suburb has shifted to accommodate bars, pubs, clubs, and live music.

What sets apart Collingwood from other suburbs is their strong community spirit. The suburb is inclusive, accepting, and warm towards anyone regardless of gender, age or race. In fact, it is the homebase of Melbourne’s second largest LGBTQ community.

Collingwood is Melbourne’s local haven for hipsters. Currently, The suburb thrives with its creative studios, bars, galleries, and restaurants – the go-to places of artists and art enthusiasts alike. Apart from art-loving individuals, singles and couples without children also call Collingwood their home.

But, make no mistake about Collingwood. It isn’t only great because of its aesthetic. It’s a convenient address that enables its residents to get anywhere easily via public transport, a bike ride or a few minutes of walking. It has all the necessary local amenities that one can think of. Residents are proud to say that they are finding the right work-life balance in this suburb.

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