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Community Highlight: Welcome to Thornbury

August 16, 2022
Community Highlight: Welcome to Thornbury

Isn’t it great to find a place where everyone can relax and enjoy? That’s what Welcome to Thornbury is to the community for some time now. The car assembly factory turned food truck parking serves as go-to place for catch-ups between friends and family. Its open-air decks can hold up to 700 people – perfect for both small and large groups. The overall construction of Welcome to Thornbury underwent minimal renovations as a homage to the automotive establishments that first occupied the area.

What makes it a community favourite? The laid back vibe is one, the food choices is another. The premise of rotating food trucks is a breath of fresh air to people. Having varied options weekly only means that there’s no settling to a single cuisine. But if you’re worried about not catching your favorite food truck when you go, don’t fret! The food truck schedules are already listed on the website. So feel free to check out the calendar to catch your favorite food trucks whenever they’re around the area.

The unique idea of rotating food trucks with permanent parking doesn’t only benefit the customers – it also benefits the local food scene. In fact, Welcome to Thornbury was developed with this purpose in mind. This idea is born out of the will to promote local food businesses and create an urban space for the community in general.

On the daily, up to six food trucks are parked in Welcome to Thornbury. At present, Welcome to Thornbury is the second largest beer garden while being the first and only permanent food truck stop in Melbourne.

Good foods bring people together. The sense of community is Thornbury’s secret sauce to happy tourists and residents. Looking into settling to Thornbury soon? Reach out to us and we’ll help find the perfect property for you. Fill out our contact form or call us directly at: +61 3 9486 2000.

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