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Don’t know where to go for a drink? Check Out These 3 Bars in Thornbury!

November 1, 2022
Don't know where to go for a drink? Check Out These 3 Bars in Thornbury!

After a big work week, there’s nothing more rewarding or enjoyable than a drink or two with friends. If you find yourself in or around the Thornbury area, we’ve got you covered with some great bars.

So if you are out and about on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday and you’re looking for a place, we have your back.

Here are 3 of the best bars in Thornbury bound to pick you up.

Pallino Bar & Bocce, 790 High Street, Thornbury

Pallino Bar & Bocce

790 High Street, Thornbury

Owner and Thornbury local Louise Zelencich says she opened because she needed somewhere decent to get a drink. And once she found a space, her landlord described the bocce tournaments that used to take place in the building. Then Zelenich knew she had her angle.

Architect Tarryn Joyce used the bocce pitch as inspiration for Pallino’s layout. There is a long, straight, run down the space, with space for spectators on one side of the bar and a big long space down the other. The team also used warm timber, brass, white marble and a light fixture put together by local steel worker Peter Drofenik, to echo the original terrazzo floor which was installed in 1956 when the venue was a restaurant.

Italian-made cheese, buffalo mozzarella and charcuterie plates, Pallino is serving panini and pizzas delivered fresh from The Moor’s Head. Wine wise, it has a short Australian list with sangiovese, pinot grigio, sav blanc, muscato, and rosé, along with seven crafty beers on tap, including Mountain Goat’s Cross-Breed Red India Ale.

Classic cocktails, however, are the focus. Expect Manhattans, Aperol spritzes, Negronis, and a lot of espresso martinis.

Carwyn Cellars 877 High Street, Thornbury

Carwyn Cellars

877 High Street, Thornbury

Acquired as a bottle shop in 2007, Ben Carwyn flipped it into a bar offering a variety of well-crafted drinks. Clients are treated to local wine, 200 beers, whisky and mezcal, a selection of flavored bitters, and Mexican groceries.

And while his beers are the most expensive in town, pegged at $20 a pint, it is for good reason. Locals consider Carwyn’s beers as the best ones in Melbourne.

3 Ravens 1 Theobald Street Thornbury 3071

3 Ravens

1 Theobald Street Thornbury 3071

3 Ravens are set against a backdrop of automotive shops and residential units, 3 Ravens is the place to be for a Friday night out in town. 

Inside 3 Ravens is the Pleasure Palace, an industrial brewery and warehouse hybrid where local beer lovers can hang out.

A collection of beer bottles, cans, and labels that line up the steel girders are definite conversation pieces.

The bar offers 10 taps of pour beers from Mash Brewing and 3 Ravens Brewery. Together these breweries offer American IPAs, English mixes, and barrel-aged ales. They all brew the beer and craft their spirits and wines in the pub. 

Apart from these, 3 Ravens also accommodates makers markets that feature local products.

A Gnarly Time, Guaranteed!

The days may have been tough, but you know who’s tougher? You! But sometimes you need a little push to keep you going. So whether you’ve had a tough week or an amazing one, visit these five pubs in Thornbury and be assured of a gnarly time. 

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