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How to Do a Cost-Effective Kitchen Renovation

March 25, 2021
Cost effective kitchen renovation

The kitchen is one of the few places in your home where all the family members gather. Long gone are the days when the kitchen is excluded and concealed in a home. At present, the kitchen doesn’t only serve as a place for dining. It’s also a place where a lot of conversations happen, decisions are made and happy memories take place. These are also the reasons why in selling a property, a good and pleasing kitchen will seal the deal.

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Does kitchen renovation increase home value? The short answer is yes. However, a kitchen upgrade shouldn’t create a hole in your pocket. If done properly, a cost-effective kitchen upgrade will do the same trick of inviting prospective buyers.

But before actually jumping into the actual kitchen renovation, tread lightly and remember that:

The kitchen renovation should match the exterior of your home

The thought of a makeover is definitely exciting but it’s noteworthy to never compromise the architecture of your home. Remember that when buyers come to check your property, they were first interested in the exterior of it. There is no way a contemporary kitchen would match with a traditional exterior. A contemporary kitchen should match a contemporary exterior. 

No mammoth makeovers

Setting a budget for the makeover could help in selecting the essential pieces to use. The main reason for the remodeling project is for resale so it’s important to stay on budget. Remember: no mammoth makeovers that would cost you more than how much you should be getting in return.

Ask for expert advice

Talk to real estate professionals. They are the ones who usually have an insight on a buyer’s perspective. Ask around for what pieces are must-haves in your local suburb. Certain pieces of furniture may appeal to you but they may not be the best ones that a resident of that suburb should have. It wouldn’t hurt to ask for expert advice.

Universal rules in kitchen renovation

Keep it simple and neutral

Remember that you are helping the buyer envision the type of life that they want to have in the property you’re selling. Putting in too much design would disrupt their imagination. A clean and neutral space would easily drift them into conceptualisation of what to do with the space, making them easier to convince for sale.

Add some low-key wow features

While convenience is key, it’s still good to make your kitchen pop by adding a thing or two that would make it stand out from the rest of the buyer’s. Adding a good lighting, under-cabinet fixtures or extra drawers or updating the kitchen backsplash could do the trick.

Now that you have the basic knowledge of kitchen renovation, you’re now ready to go. Capitalise on a cost-effective renovation and get a return on your investment. Upgrade that kitchen and increase your chances of selling your property!

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