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How The Harold Stevens Athletics Field Turned Coburg Into a Hub for Competitive Sports

October 2, 2022
How The Harold Stevens Athletics Field Turned Coburg Into a Hub for Competitive Sports

There is nothing more exciting to a runner or Track and Field athlete than to see a massive running oval on a sunny training day. Okay so maybe it isn’t so exciting when they are all sore and still exhausted from the day before, but you get it. Right? When an athlete is in their place of power, they feel the command of the sport; they are drawn to better their techniques and further their endurance.

If you are a runner in Coburg, you may be a recreational athlete or a hard-core competitive one, one of the facilities you might find conducive to keep improving your game is the Harold Steven Athletics Field. 

Located at 20 Outlook Road, the Harold Steven Athletics Field stretches 78 meters long with notably long bends. The facility was opened to the public on March 21st, 1971. In 1984, the field saw several developments through building extensions coinciding with the preparations for the Summer Interclub Competition which was held the same year. 

The track was named in honor of Harold Stevens, a Coburg sportsman, and native who was recognized “For Services in Athletics” in 1993 and was later made into an Athletics Victoria life member.

The Harold Steven Athletics Field enriched the lives of its athletic-minded regulars through various local sporting events. The service rendered by its staff makes it an inviting venue to all regardless of their status as professional athletes or casual sports and fitness advocates. 

The Harold Steven Athletics Field’s facilities are comprehensive and worthy of global sporting events. It is replete with Long Jump pits which can be found inside the track, and provisions for Discus Throwing, Shot Put, Javelin, Pole Vault, and Hammer Throw, catering to all forms of athleticism and leaving no sporting preference.

It is home to the Coburg Little Athletics Centre, the Coburg Women team, and the Coburg Harriers Club which hosts monthly and yearly activities that invite all people of all ages and all walks of life.

The Harold Steven Athletics Field has turned Coburg into a center of physical competition, making the culture an indelible part of Coburg living.

If you’re interested in holding a sporting event at The Harold Stevens Athletics Track, you may do so by reaching out to the Coburg Athletics Ground Management Committee by visiting  

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