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The Best Bike Trails in Brunswick

September 12, 2022
The Best Bike Trails in Brunswick

Riding a bike is one of the best exercise habits you can develop in your lifetime. It trains balance and mind and body coordination and is an eco-friendly way to easily get to places. 

Who does not like getting from one point to another through a bicycle anyway? And what better place to enjoy the ride but in Brunswick. 

With the right balance between nature and modern living, Brunswick offers an atmosphere that calms the senses and imbues an appreciation for what the outdoors have to offer. The suburb provides several bike trails that would have serious and casual cyclists enjoying themselves. 

Here are 3 of the known bike routes in Brunswick that you should try out.

The Capital City Trail

A shared use path running 29 km in the suburb, the Capital City Trail goes around the city center and some select inner eastern and northern suburbs. Trails like the Inner Circle Rail Trail, Main Yarra Trail, Merri Creek Trail, and Moonee Ponds Creek Trail are connected to the Capital City Trail.

The Princes Bridge near Flinders Street station is the Capital City Trail’s most known starting point.

Upfield Bike Path

Stretching 12.9 miles, the Upfield Shared Path is an out-and-back trail near Parkville. It goes through the Upfield railway line within the other inner northern suburbs.

Opened in the late 80s, the path starts at Princes Park and ends at Box Forest Road, Fawkner.

Northern Pipe Trail

Starting at Thomastown Station and ending at Rushall Station, this ‘the old pipeline’ route follows the underground route of the main pipe that supplies water to the city. It passes through the 7-kilometer path to the center of St. Georges Road via Preston and Brunswick.

Among the trails in the list, this route is more urban compared to the others which are mostly creek trails. This is a fun, alternative path that gives the biking experience a more modern vibe. 

So if you have made cycling a lifestyle or are someone who just enjoys riding across your local suburb, these three popular bike trails will get you your fix while making you fall in love more with Brunswick.

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