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How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent?

March 17, 2021
How to choose the best real estate agent?

Do you need a suburb specific agent?

In the past, Real Estate was transacted at a suburb level with property prices kept discrete and only disclosed in the local paper once a week. It was almost impossible to get historical data on previously sold properties from over a year ago. However, in today’s day and age with information being a click away it has replaced the need for a local suburb specialist. The internet records all historical data of listings and Real Estate agents from all areas have access to this information. Certain suburbs respond better to certain types of campaigns. While auctions might work well in one suburb, they may struggle in other areas where private sale methods prevail. This is all information available to the agent who, although doesn’t typically sell property in that area can become a specialist overnight. 

Take them for a test drive 

Your agent is presenting your home to the public. It’s important to see how they present someone else’s property before engaging them for their services. Go to one of their open for inspections and watch how they interact and engage with buyers. Purchasing real estate is an emotional decision, the agent who can best connect with buyers on an emotional level will be able to extract the most from them in the end. Trust is essential especially when we are talking about an investment. The real estate agent should be able to guide you through the whole process without making you feel confused even in the slightest form.

Ask questions

You’ve only got one opportunity to sell your home and it’s important to ask the agents plenty of questions. Discuss previous sales campaign processes, why they’re suggesting one sale method over another, why another property received a certain result. Knowing these things would not only help you partner with a good real estate agent, it would also help you further understand the local market and the neighborhood. The more informed you are, the clearer decision you can make.

Setting clear expectations

It’s important to set out clear and defined expectations from all parties involved about what the goal of the campaign is and the level of service and communication expected throughout the process.


The final and most important point, comfortability with the agent. It’s important to feel comfortable with the agent to who you are entrusting the sale of your property. 

They need to feel like a friend to who you can tell everything because neither party should be hiding anything from each other.

It should be a clear and open communication process where trust is placed in both parties.

In Northcote, Thornbury, Alphington, and Fairfield, the Collings Team is known for their expertise and friendliness to their clients. Reviewed with 5 stars by over 200 clients, we take pride in providing quality services and fostering genuine relationships with anyone who needs our help.

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