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Preparing To Sell

June 15, 2022
Preparing to sell

Before we open our homes for potential buyers and future owners, we need to prepare the property so that it can fetch a higher value.

In selling our homes, even if it’s been well maintained and there is minimal to almost zero home improvement projects that need to be done, we still need to up our game by making sure that everything is spic and span.

We also believe in the seller’s preparation; when we say prepare, it also applies to the soon-to-be previous owner of the property. So many people just focus on the property not realizing that as current owners, they, too, have to prepare themselves for the sale process.

So, what are the best ways to prepare your property for selling? How can you prepare yourself for the eventual sale of your home? How to market your house for sale? 

We came up with a list for of preparations for both owners and property to better fetch a higher value for your home and make an informed decision on when to sell. 


Timing and market understanding.

Timing and market understanding are important when you want to sell your  home.

The real estate market is very competitive so it’s better to enter the competition with an upper hand. Know what potential buyers are looking for by attending events or by reading real estate news. Find out why people are buying new homes and orient your property in a way that provides for their needs.

Choosing an agent.

First thing to consider when choosing an agent is if your personalities jive. It’s not something that most people consider, but if you want to risk trusting someone about a business investment, it better be a person that you are comfortable with sharing several aspects of your life. Having a good relationship with your agent will also guarantee better representation.

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When we talk of presentation, it’s not just about what it looks like during the days when it has viewers of potential buyers. This also refers to what it would look like in terms of aesthetics and function once it’s sold.

If you have unfinished DIY projects, now is the time to accomplish them before you open up your home for viewing. If you have plans of repainting, refurnishing the space, or rearranging the layout, now is the ideal time to do it before you start accepting appointments.

Decluttering will also help make the space seem bigger. The principle of less is more applies, as we want to keep minimal decor and furnishings so that people who want to view the space can easily imagine themselves in it. 

You have to also make sure that everything is working just fine. If one of the kitchen drawers don’t have a handle or there are cracked tiles in one of the bathrooms. If there are some curtains that need to be replaced and windows that need to be washed, a major cleaning can also help enhance the look of your home.

Selling our homes is one huge decision we have to really think about several times before we push through with it. Once you have decided to sell your property, be sure to connect with an agent you can trust.

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