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Rental Law Changes: 5 Most Important Things You Should Know

December 1, 2021

Here are the five biggest rental law changes you need to look out for before you sign your rental agreement.

Rentals at a fixed price

The first change is rentals can now be offered at a fixed price. Rental providers and agents cannot invite rental bids for higher rent.

Property status disclosure

Before signing a lease, the rental provider must disclose to a renter if the property is up for sale. This is done verbally and with Consumer Affairs Victoria.


The third rule change is pets now cannot be unreasonably refused. This means renters will, in many more cases, be able to bring their pets. Despite this, renters must still ask for permission from the rental provider.

What are the things that would be considered by the landlord?

Some information that could help the landlord consider your application would be the following:

  • Age of your pet
  • Temperament, training, and other characteristics
  • References from your vet, previous neighbors, or both as proof that your pet would be suitable to live with you on the property
  • Why do you see the property fit and suitable as a living environment for the pet? Here, you can highlight some of the features of the property.

Basically, you need to prepare a pet resume to help your application be approved.

Bond and rent advances

Rental providers cannot ask for or accept more than one month’s rent as a bond or require renters to pay more than one month’s rent in advance for properties with a rent of 900 per week or less.

The request of inappropriate information

The fifth rule change is a rental provider or the agent cannot request inappropriate information in a rental application. For example, the renter’s bond history or a bank statement

Those are the five rental law changes we thought you should know before signing a rental agreement. If you enjoyed this content, please like, follow, and subscribe.

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