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How to Land Your Dream Rental Property

April 20, 2021

Be prepared.

Make sure that you all your documentation are ready. For documentation, we require payslips, ID, and a savings account statement.

Book an inspection.

Property managers won’t accept an application unless you have viewed the property. In this blog, we have enumerated the do’s and dont’s in attending an open for inspection that might also help in building your checklist.

Make a good impression.

The more comfortable the property manager feels with you at an open for inspection, the higher chance of being looked at as a favorable tenant.

Get a good rental reference.

If you are a seasoned renter, a good rental reference can make all the difference between your application being accepted for a property and your application being declined.

On the other hand, if it’s your first time to rent and have no rental history, you can still land your dream rental property by following these steps.

Rental Property Minimum Standards

In 2021, there have been several changes in the Victorian rental laws that include minimum standards when it comes to rental properties.


The facility must include the following:

  • food preparation area
  • sink
  • oven and cook-top that are in good working order
  • refrigerator with at least 80 liters capacity
  • cupboard with a minimum 0.1 cubic metres (100 litres) of storage capacity


The dining area should have enough chairs to accommodate the maximum number of residents. The table should be able to comfortably fit the number of chairs.


  • should have at least one toilet for every 10 people
  • should at least have one bath or one washbasin for every 10 people
  • must be fitted with a privacy latch that can be securely latched from the inside without a key

To view the full list of the minimum standards, visit Consumer Affairs Victoria’s page.

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