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Restaurants at Station Street, Fairfield (Part 2)

December 7, 2022
Restaurants at Station Street, Fairfield, VIC

Station Street is filled with foodie hidden gems to try so we deemed it necessary to do a part 2 of this blog!

Here are a few more restaurants to try when in Station Street, Fairfield:

Chapati, Fairfield, VIC

Chapati Fairfield

People line up for the flavourful dishes of Chapati Fairfield. Their menu is limited on purpose because they take pride in specialising in all the dishes offered in their restaurants. For first timers, try their Indian curry, buttered chicken, garlic naan, and masala! This fairly new restaurant is attracting vegans and vegetarians with their great selection of meat-free dishes as well.

Okami, Fairfield, VIC

Okami Fairfield

If you’re in the mood for an all-you-can-eat treat, Okami Fairfield is one of the best places to try. This Japanese restaurant boasts of their authentic flavours made from high quality ingredients sourced locally. Their staff are accommodating and mindful of customers with allergies. Everyone’s welcome to try their food as they are kid-friendly and wheelchair-accessible.

Burger Road, Fairfield, VIC

Burger Road Fairfield

It’s impossible to say no to good greasy tasty burgers – especially if it’s paired with a good helping of milkshake. Burger Road Fairfield is famous for its generous serving of burgers. Everything in their menu is A+ so there is always something new to try and come back to. Aside from their burgers, their mac and cheese and shakes top our list so far. 

Da Pasquale, Fairfield, VIC

Da Pasquale

Da Pasquale is already an institution at Station Street. If you are from Fairfield, it’s likely that you’ve already tried all their pizza flavors. This establishment has been around for decades already but still doesn’t disappoint. The business is thriving and is updated with efficient ways to serve. Their web ordering system is easy and their customer service is excellent. This way, there is no excuse for people to not try their woodfire pizza.

Tasty Banh Mi, Fairfield, VIC

Tasty Banh Mi

As the name suggests, Tasty Banh Mi is known for their banh mi dishes. This may be an open secret to some but their beverages are also a gem. Pair your banh mi with their iced viet coffee, iced tea, and bubble tea. Tasty Banh Mi is also generous to their customers with their complimentary offers. 

Station Street is a home to many local businesses in Fairfield. The cafes and restaurants in the street played a major role in sustaining the local business industry of the suburb when the lockdowns happened. Businesses thrive in an area for many reasons – one of them is having the support of the local community.

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