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Things To Do in Macleod

December 19, 2022
Things to Do in Macleod

Macleod is a quiet suburb that takes pride in its tight-knit community. This little community is recommended to anyone who are looking for quiet living with all the convenience of city living. In this blog, we have enumerated the things that you can do in Macleod.

Harry Pottage Reserve, Macleod, VIC

Bring kids to Harry Pottage Reserve (Not Hogwarts)

Contrary to what you might think, Harry Pottage Reserve wasn’t named after Harry Potter! It is in fact named after Harry Pottage, a councilor who prevented the site from becoming a housing development. At present, Harry Pottage Reserve has a playground that features curved slide, wave slide, ladder, climbers and a whole lot more to keep kids entertained, engaged and active. Fur parents can also bring their pets here as long as they are on chain, cord or leash.

Gresswel Nature Conservation Reserves

Bike around Gresswel Nature Conservation Reserves

Gresswell Nature Conservation Reserves is made up of Gresswell Forest, Gresswell Hill and Gresswell Habitat Link. This nine-hectare reserve was once part of the Mont Park Psychiatric Hospital grounds. Here you’ll find remnant River Red Gum woodland that’s home to many different bird and animal species such as barking owl, swift parrots, tawny frogmouth, black and yellow cockatoos, pardalote striated, spotted scarlet robin, etc. You can bike around this area or walk your dogs as long as they’re on a leash at all times. 

Cascades Waterpark

Have a picnic at The Cascades Waterpark

Meditate through the sound of the running water and the chirping of birds at The Cascades Waterpark. The grassy picnic spot is just alongside the creek where you can spot some ducks that aren’t afraid of petting as long as you share your food with them! Frogs and (occasionally) turtles are also spotted in this area. 

Macleod Village Shopping Centre

Shop at Macleod Village Shopping Centre

Everything that you might probably need is here – from fresh meat and poultry to professional services. Macleod Village Shopping Centre is a local shopping center that has many great local offerings. It has a strong community feel as personal services are proudly offered by the family-owned shops. 

Cafes at Aberdeen

Cafes at Aberdeen

Aberdeen Road in Macleod is known for its strip of amazing cafes and restaurants. It’s the go-to place of couples with kids and fur babies especially because of its distance to a nearby park. In this blog, we have enumerated our favorite cafes that we thought you should try when in Macleod!

Residents of Macleod are proud of its safe and sound community and their peace and quiet neighbourhood. So whether you are looking into buying or selling properties in Macleod, Collings Real Estate can surely assist you with your requirements. Simply fill out our contact form or shoot us an email at and we’ll reach out to you.

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