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Things To Love About Reservoir Library

January 8, 2023
Things to love about Reservoir Library

A library isn’t only a resource place for books. It can also serve as a small community for interaction and a hub for new information. Reservoir Library takes pride in being one of the best places to go to when looking for useful resources about almost anything. Here’s what we love about Reservoir Library:

Reservoir Library - Facilities

Their facilities

Lighting is not a problem in the Reservoir Library as every corner here is well-lit. There are meeting rooms that are spacious enough to hold meetings or just simple group studies. The computers are also easily accessible for everyone to use. And when you’re low on energy, you can always count on their free tea or coffee. There is also a mini kitchenette where you can fix yourself a light snack. With all these, we can say that the Reservoir Library is designed to promote an inspired space for learning. When you think of a library, you’d simply associate it with books. Reservoir Library went the extra mile in turning their space into a community hub more than just a place for books.

Reservoir library

The way it’s organised

When you’re in a great mood for reading, nothing breaks your spirit more than a disorganised array of books. In their effort to continuously encourage people to visit, Reservoir Library keeps the space well-organised by assigning different sections for every genre. The layout of the library is also easy to navigate. But if you have trouble finding a title you want to read, the cooperative and friendly staff are always there to assist you.

The programs

The programs

Aside from entertaining curious minds, Reservoir Library also hosts programs every now and then. One of the staple programs every weekend is story time for kids. These kinds of programs allow these young minds to explore and navigate their creativity through arts and crafts. Sitting with other kids also allows them to socialise and share a feeling of togetherness. Programs like this help in creating a tight-knit community starting from the young ones.

A library is a nice facility to have especially if there are mostly families making up the neighbourhood. The reason why families and young couples are considering Reservoir is because of its affordability compared to its neighbouring suburbs. A fully functioning library such as Reservoir Library is a great addition to Reservoir’s amenity that could be greatly considered by such demographics.

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