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What to do in Fitzroy

November 30, 2022
What To Do in Fitzroy

What better way to explore Fitzroy than to immerse yourself in the rich culture and artistry of the suburb? Before the 80s, there were no traces of how Fitzroy looks like today. It’s only after the gentrification of the suburb that it has transformed into a melting pot of culture and entertainment. When you think of entertainment in Melbourne, Fitzroy is the first thing that comes up. 

Here are 5 things that you can do when in Fitzroy.

Rose Street Artist's Market, Fitzroy VIC

Window shop or actually shop at one of the boutiques at Rose Street Artist’s Market 

In this area of the suburb, you’ll get a chance to talk to the actual artists and their works. Each stall in this market offers a unique product. You’ll quickly finish touring around the space as it’s just small. If you are a fan of local artists and you’d like to support local artistry, head on to this small space in the suburb.

Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy VIC

Visit the Centre for Contemporary Photography

Indulge yourself in a 30-minute display of contemporary art and marvel at the good photographs displayed at the centre. Once done with the exhibit, you may want to check out the good selection of books in their small book shop. Admission is free but feel free to donate a small amount. If you are also looking for a venue for your wedding, this space is a good option. 

Fitzroy Historical Crime Tour

Book A Historical Tour at Fitzroy Historical Crime Tour

This one’s a fun activity for children and adults alike. Featured on BBC One, ABC Radio and a whole lot more popular media outlets, Fitzroy Historical Crime Tour takes on retelling history in a  different way. Facilitated by a journalist-historian, this engaging crime tour is a unique way to learn more about Fitzroy through past events.

Watch a drag show

Watch a drag show

When it comes to drag shows, there are many options at Fitzroy. Since businesses reopened, the drag industry experienced more abundance than ever. You are missing out if you haven’t tried watching a live drag show. Every drag show is different but exudes the same fun and entertaining vibe. Experience artistry, dedication and craft through watching a live drag show.

Do several rounds of laps at Fitzroy Swimming Pool

Do several rounds of laps at Fitzroy Swimming Pool

This 50m outdoor heated pool is a historic open air pool in inner-city Melbourne. This is arguably the best swimming pool in Australia with ten lanes. Aside from the actual pool, it also has a gymnasium, spa, sauna and heated steam room. 

Fitzroy appeals most to the students and young professionals because of the vibe it exudes. The older generation staying in the suburb are most likely the ones who have been here before the gentrification in the 80s happened. Given the young demographics of the suburb, there is always something new to look forward to in this neighbourhood. 

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